Teens Were Obviously Smoking Something If They Awarded Alexander Ludwig Choice Movie Villain Over Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston Choice Movie Villain Teen Choice Awards 2012 Alexander Ludwig The Hunger Games Cato wtf Tumblr

The Teen Choice Awards were rather confusing when it came to awards: In some cases, you had the same celebrity, nay the same performance, nominated twice, like Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark for Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Choice Summer Movie Star: Male. In other cases, seemingly big awards weren’t even announced onstage, like Choice Movie Villain.

Yep, we had to find out via Tumblr that Alexander Ludwig won Choice Movie Villain—and more importantly, that he beat Tom Hiddleston. Now, Alexander was well-cast as Cato in The Hunger Games, and he even had a pretty clear arc in the movie that ended with him hysterically freaking out before Katniss put him out of his mercy… but he can’t hold a candle to The Avengers‘ vindictive god Loki. These two were the clear frontrunners: It’s too short a turnaround for Rhys Ifans starring in The Amazing Spider-Man; much as we love Jemaine Clement, no one saw Men in Black 3; and Charlize Theron let herself get killed by Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman.

I’m truly surprised that, considering his ardent fanbase, Hiddles didn’t take home the surfboard. Especially since the way the TCAs work, you can vote once a day. As fiercely scary as Alexander-as-Cato might’ve been in one scene, he was only one tribute in The Hunger Games. Tom-as-Loki carried the entire villain motivation for The Avengers, making us care about Thor’s adopted brother and his plan to… well, we’re not quite sure what Loki intended to do after he opened the portal to space, but we believed that it meant everything to him. So, we’ll join the rest of Tumblr in posting the following reaction .gifs:

Tom Hiddleston Choice Movie Villain Teen Choice Awards 2012 Alexander Ludwig The Hunger Games Cato wtf Tumblr

rainbowhiddles on Tumblr

Tom Hiddleston Choice Movie Villain Teen Choice Awards 2012 Alexander Ludwig The Hunger Games Cato wtf Tumblr

merdenatalielikes on Tumblr

Then again, consider that the majority of his fanbase is people my age, in their twenties, who would rank the TCAs on the very bottom of the awards show totem pole. And Tom probably isn’t crying himself to sleep since on the set of Thor: The Dark World.

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    • Jen

      I think it is possible that Tom Hiddleston’s Army isn’t a Teen Choice awards kind of group…just sayin’.

    • Loki Girl

      Agree with Jen. Teens choice are ‘teen’s’ choice. They have their own menu. Tom Hiddleston’s fan base are mostly adults. They CAN’T vote on TCA; THEY are not allowed to vote, simply because they are not teens. And I believe Hiddleston’s losing the category wouldn’t diminish what he is – A GREAT THESPIAN.

    • Loura Orozco

      Correct.. because i’m 27 and I’m from the Philippines…a proud Loki’s /HiddlesArmy member.. how could I possibly vote.. ehehehe

    • Caitlin

      I TOTALLY AGREE. Yes, Alexander Ludwig is effing sexy and a great actor but Tom Hiddleston is just beyond phenomenal! He definitely deserved this award.. he is a fantastic actor and goddamn perfect!! Coming from a teen.. We’re not all misguided is what I’m saying. Just srsly think, who deserved this award more? The Hiddles.
      Sorry Tom for not landing you this well-deserved award.

    • consueloc

      Tom is wonderfull actor, he deserved the award.It is scandalous not has won Tom.

    • Black Dahlia

      22 and Spanish here…there are a lot of people who weren’t able to vote, because of that. We’re notjust a bunch of teenagers, so “Teen” choice award didn’t let us vote ^^’

    • Stef

      Exactly – not winning a TCA isn’t a huge loss. It’s such a minor thing if you look at the big picture. With everything he’s done having been more for older audiences (War Horse, Henry V, The Deep Blue Sea), he should be winning Emmys, Oscars, and BAFTAS. Losing in a category on an award show that’s main audience is probably kids aged 10-15 doesn’t seem like a major loss in the grand scheme of things.

      You’re amazing, Tom. You win all the awards, in my book!

    • Caitlin

      I’m 16 and a big Hiddles fan but sadly I’m in Singapore so I couldn’t vote. But it’s not such a big loss, I mean, it’s just the TCA. Teens aren’t exactly known for making the best choices.

    • Elizabeth

      i agree with all comments, i am not a teen choice award fan albiet i was hoping and expecting Tom to win, Tom is beautiful and sexy actor but put that aside he is an excellent actor who deserved this award because he did a fucking great job as loki, but this just goes to show how immature the teen choice awards is choosing based on looks rather than talent (nothin against the kid who won sweet kid) but honestly he had like one freaking scene that didn’t make much impact he died and that was it, Tom carried the Avengers throughout the entire film he was menacing and very believable i loved it kept me on my toes he deserved it hands down for adding complexity to a character. I was shocked because i was like really? are the teens that stupid that they would rather think more with their vaginas rather than actually go by performances well then again they choose twilight every year so i guess i shouldn’t have expected much from lowly teenages. The TCA sucked everything was terrible and the one hope i had was that Tom would win because he deserved it more than all the other actors and singers combined. Tom your A WINNER!!!

    • 2lost4words

      I lied about my age to be able to voe for the TCA, I am by no means a teenager. So i watched the awards hoping to see Tom take home a win…Then in some brief mention through the people who won and couldn’t be there;. I heard Alex won best villain. I was mad, and ranting to my boyfriend, who was also surprised that Tom didn’t take home the win…or RDJ didn’t win anything…then we realized, neither of us are teenager, we think differently. We choose things based on talent, not popularity. But that doesn’t mean I’m still not a bit crestfallen over it. Tom won in my eyes.

    • hadar

      I think that it is not a big deal that tom didn’t won, i think that the fans know that tom is a great actor, and we dont need no some teen award to prove it to us or to tom, congrats to the winner, may he enjoy this award.

    • caitlyn

      I’m a teen and voted for Tom over 10 times (once a day). Very upset that he didn’t win!

    • ritac

      Tom is wonderful actor, number one.

    • Kathy

      I can’t believe it either. He won in my book.

    • http://twitter.com/HistorianInMe Kayla Sonergoran

      Got to remember that The Hunger Games attracted primarily teens. I remember when I was as senior in high school when Iron Man came out, I remember only 1 person vocally excited.

    • Natalia

      What the fuck?! Tom Hiddleston is fucking perfect~! <3

    • jez

      I thin Ludwig won off the strangth of the movie itself more than anything. How else would Downey Jr get beat out by Hutcherson?

    • Jez

      There’s a slight inaccuracy of your description of Cato. He wasn’t just one tribute he was the ringleader of a gang of tributes called Careers. A gang of military trained Tributes who teamed up and preyed on weaker competitors like wolves. The irony of Alexander Ludwig’s win here is that he originally auditioned for the role of Peeta.

      As the Tributes (Hunger Games fan club) were on the whole moved by “The Star Crossed Lovers of District 12″, and Cato was the one person really hell bent on ending that love (the other Careers were just lackies), they considered Cato more villainous the insane norse myth.

    • Vito

      Even if Alexander Ludwig wasn’t nominated, 9 times out of 10 it would have been someone who played one of the other Career Tributes, most likely Levin Rambin aka Cato’s would be lover Glimmer.