Why Does Tumblr Hate Miranda Cosgrove So Much?

why does Tumblr hate Miranda Cosgrove Teen Choice Awards 2012 Choice Inspiration awkward wtfMiranda Cosgrove just won Choice Inspiration at tonight’s Teen Choice Awards, probably because she’s going to college in the fall instead of rehab, and somehow this is a bad thing. According to Tumblr, you’d think Miranda had stolen the surfboard out from under Miley Cyrus‘ nose, but no, it seems she was singled out for this honor. But that’s enough to stop Tumblr users from sneering at her for being “awkward” and “hideous.” Her tags page is a depressing sight, littered with mocking and downright mean posts.

Whose cornflakes did Miranda shit in? Because I’ve seen absolutely nothing — neither during the TCAs nor in Hollywood — to prove that Miranda is somehow worthy of our ire. But get a load of these insults:

tomoyouarebootyful: reALLY

twistinmyst0ry: We have to admit that Miranda Cosgrove does help us…
When we’re feeling down all we have to do is look at a picture of her.
So thanks, Miranda Cosgrove, you deserve this award.

bloomingandtenderness: And also Michael Jackson‘s doppleganger.

That’s uncalled for! From what I can glean, these kids don’t respect Miranda because her last feature film was School of Rock (also her debut) in 2003. Never mind that she’s held down a starring role on Nickelodeon’s iCarly for the past five years without having to abruptly leave like Jamie-Lynn Spears (for getting knocked up) or Demi Lovato (for winding up in rehab). No, apparently having a smooth career makes her awkward and hideous.

And honestly, when Flo Rida was performing and the camera panned over to Miranda, and she was singing along? I’d call that the most genuine moment of a mostly awkward awards show. But then someone on Tumblr turned that screenshot into this:

why does Tumblr hate Miranda Cosgrove Teen Choice Awards 2012 Choice Inspiration awkward wtf

I don’t understand kids these days. Still, she’s got over 2 million Twitter followers, so she’s doing something OK for herself. And now some Tumblr users have come to her defense, including this heartfelt defense from one user. What is wrong with us that we can’t celebrate an actress who’s got a successful career, even if it is just on TV? It’s not like anyone’s calling for Nina Dobrev to get an Oscar nomination after she had a cameo in The Roommate.

Congratulations, Miranda! We’re psyched for you, and yes, we’d consider you an inspiration.

Photo: Starbux/WENN.com

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    • http://www.facebook.com/vicky.punz Vicky Punz

      we don’t hate miranda cosgrove it’s just a joke. you are a dumb writer and i’m shocked that you defend miranda by putting demi for going to rehab down!!! demi went to rehab for bulimia, self harm and depression, she is a role model for actively doing something to make her life better and you make it as if it is a bad thing -.-

    • sarah

      its a joke omg calm your tits and smoke a blunt.

    • http://www.facebook.com/tom.ellis.10485 Tom Ellis

      cosgrove is a goddess. i would do anything for her affection, but she will never know i exist, i am just a working stiff.

    • i hate directioners

      good post. miranda cosgrove is the best

    • bd1106

      you are pretty fucked up for saying demi lavatos rehab was a bad thing. thats called deppression dumbass.

    • Miranda’s bra

      I really love her face and her breast size.

    • Venetia Sharif

      Wow, she makes one remark about Demi Lovato going to rehab and people hypocritically slander the writer by going off on crazy tangents to act like she trashed Demi when that was not the case. There was no criticism towards Demi in the article. What an ignorant way to take something out of context. She just was pointing out that tons of people spammed ( and continue to spam to this day) the Miranda Cosgrove tag with so much vicious hate when Miranda is a good role model. She has done nothing to deserve this level of unfounded hatred and cyber-bullying. She didn’t have to rebound from scandal or anything of that nature.

      I weep for humanity. The majority of you who responded to this article with hate are the WORST hypocrites. Many of the haters and trolls who spammed the Miranda Cosgrove tag that day were Directioners and Demi Lovato fans. I am not saying all of them are like that but the most of the haters were from those two fanbases. The writer was just speaking the truth. Then you are hypocritical enough to rabidly flip out over one comment about Demi which was used to make a point, twist it around, and then act like she victimized Demi when that was not the case. Then you are sick enough to wax poetic about Demi’s struggles and against bullying by justifying your abusive behavior towards Miranda.

      The article was NOT about Demi Lovato or One Direction. it was about the hateful people who bully Miranda Cosgrove by slandering everything about her as a person and are incredibly antagonistic. They spammed the tag and mocked her receiving the award by acting like she did not deserve it.

      Then the thousands of morons who participated in this, take offense to their sick behavior because they were reprimanded justifiably by this writer. Then you guys are pathetic hypocrites to lecture about bullying, overcoming depression, and setting a good example. Then this comments section featured more bullying and harassment towards Miranda. Then the haters turn around, call the writer stupid over telling the truth, and then spam this comments section by dishing more abuse towards Miranda as an actress, singer, person, and then mock her further by calling her awkward.

      There is NO justification to talking trash against a good person like Miranda Cosgrove who is talented, inspirational, and beautiful.

      You guys are targetting an innocent person, harassing her fans, and then have the nerve to wax poetic about people having issues. It is BULLIES like you who cause depression, self-harm, and people to develop disorders because they react to this kind of bullying. Then you guys laugh it off by calling it a joke and saying it is a “tumblr” thing.

      No, it isn’t. Tumblr is a social media site that has themes of acceptance and tolerance. We are supposed to be the playing ground for misfits. You guys are the ones who are pathetic and also quite deluded about your disgusting behavior.

      How would you like it if a stupid lynch-mob-mentality formed against your favorite celebrity over NOTHING? Or large groups from other fandoms just to form a bandwagon of bullying over petty reasons or jealousy? Just because it was fashionable to spam and abuse them with juvenile and rotten jokes? Even worse, how would you feel if this was directed towards one of your friends, family members, or you? Miranda has feelings. She is a human being who literally has done nothing to warrant such a massive nasty reaction. Miranda Cosgrove fans don’t bombard the One Direction or Demi Lovato tags in mass droves with constant nasty spam. In fact, many Cosgrovers also love One Direction and Demi Lovato.

      The people who are participating in this are making the One Direction and Demi Lovato fanbases look horrible, immature, and despicable. This is a fairly large minority and this behavior needs to stop. I am a fan of 1D, Demi, and Miranda so this is just appalling. Plenty of people find Miranda inspirational for different reasons than 1D and Demi. Miranda maintaining a respectable lifestyle is not something to ridicule.

      This is really sick. If you guys genuinely do not hate her…then why waste your time trashing her obnoxiously and constantly on the tag. Her haters are vile enough to create whole tumblr accounts just to mock Miranda and troll her tag.

      This disgusting bullying and trashing actually decreased after this article was posted and people are started defending her from this garbage and depraved behavior. You guys can’t handle the truth and are making one atrocious excuse after another. Then you justify your incredibly deranged actions by deflecting onto criticism of Demi when there was one sentence in the article referring to her to make a point. She didn’t trash Demi at all.

      That one sentence is NOTHING when compared to the millions of nasty comments and outrageous bullying against Miranda when nothing about her as a person provoked it.

      I remember that terrible day. Most of the people who were being vicious to Miranda by mocking her over the award were Lovatics and Directioners. That is the cold and ugly truth.

      Once again, I am not generalizing the entire two fanbases because I know most of them did not participate in this. There are also many good and intelligent people in those two fandoms. This rotten minority is embarrassing the decent majority. You are giving both fandoms a really bad name to the public.

      It is also insane that people feel so justified to bully and spread hate that make up crazy rationalizations or blow it off as no big deal while at the same time going off on ridiculous tangents about Demi’s struggles when that has nothing to do with this. You latched onto one sentence out of context and ran with it so you could feel good about yourself for abusing Miranda.

    • Marci

      Am a little late in the game on this one, but I think a lot of the people who read this article either missed the point or took it out of context completely. I don’t see any hate toward Demi in this. All the writer did was point out that Demi did in fact go to rehab. I don’t think the comment was meant to take a dig at Demi or her struggles. There’s a load of other celebs that could seemingly be insulted for personal choices if that was the author’s intent. The point was that NO celebrity deserves this much hate. Not Demi for her struggles and not Miranda for lacking struggles. (As far as we know anyway. She doesn’t actively seek media attention and tries to keep her private life private. But nobody knows what anybody is truly feeling inside or what is happening behind the smile given to the cameras. Demi smiled a lot too.). And for all the people saying the ‘hate’ toward Miranda is ‘just a joke’–c’mon. I have a toddler daughter and she’s already learning in daycare how to treat other people. Just because this is the Internet doesn’t mean bullying is okay. The photo manips done of her are just hateful and cruel. Nobody would want that done to their picture. As a female, I struggle daily with self image issues…with how I look compared to how society and media says I should look. If I saw a picture of my face stretched out like the one included in this article…I would hate myself…I wouldn’t laugh or think it was ‘just a joke.’ People act as if Miranda is oblivious to Twitter and Tumblr. If you think she’s never seen any of this crap and that it hasn’t hurt her feelings or made her feel bad about herself, you’re an idiot. She doesn’t live in a bubble. And for all of those who say ‘nobody hates Miranda Cosgrove’, read some of the comments made after her childhood pet passed away or check out some of the replies on her Instagram. She IS being bullied, whether people want to call it that or not. And just because she’s a celebrity does not make that okay.

      And I really admire her, by the way. (This post is turning out much longer than I intended.). But I think its awesome that she’s going to college and getting an education on top of already having a career that has left her wealthy enough that she could skip out on that. On what planet is going to college NOT a good thing? No, not everybody has to go to college to be successful…not everybody even can. But she’s influencing people to exercise their options, to find ways to be successful and that intelligence matters. So does making good choices. She’s been in the public eye since childhood but seems to be grounded and sweet. On top of her TV success and her touring, she gives back through her charity work, doesn’t stir up senseless drama like some young celebs I will refrain from naming and isn’t a fame wh*re. Nobody has to like her, but you can NOT be a fan without the bullying and meanness. There are tons of celebrities I don’t particularly care to follow and I Tumblr Save their names so I don’t have to see posts about them. I don’t make mean manips and post hateful comments to their tags so that their fans can’t enjoy visiting the tag. It’s simple courtesy and respect, really.

    • Demiluver5eva

      As a Demi fan, I hate it when Lovatics make fun of Miranda Cosgrove. I mean, how freakin’ dumb is that? Demi would be the first to say not make fun of somebody else. Hello?! Bullying is bullying whether the person is famous or not.

    • Nope

      AHAHAHAHAHAH retarded writer, retarded website, shit tastes everywhere

    • Cosgrover

      Great post! :)

    • Hate you all <3

      All the Demi fans lol. Yeah,
      I love Demi but the author just
      used her as a example and
      probably didn’t mean any
      harm. Oh, and author,
      thanks for posting this, youre
      not the only one who didn’t
      know about the whole Miranda
      thing. But I do think y’all
      should stop being mean to
      Miranda because of her awkwardness,
      like if tumblr people are so perfect lol :/
      no offence tumblr people c:

    • no

      I’m dying looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool never come back to tumblr ok

    • Helen

      The funny thing is Tumblr usually embraces awkwardness. -_- seriously people on tumblr are 50% pure awesome or 50% pure stupid. there’s rarely ever an inbetween.