10 Reasons We’re Jealous Of Birthday Girl Selena Gomez

Happy 20th birthday to Selena Gomez, someone I legitimately have nothing even a little negative to say about. She seems like an extremely well-adjusted child star transitioning into a young adult with grace and poise. Bleggggh. That’s super awesome and mature, but no fun for me at all! So instead I’ll just switch to the next negative personality trait in my arsenal — jealousy. Here are the Top Ten Reasons We’re Jealous Of Selena Gomez…today, on her birthday, and every day.

  1. She’s dating Justin Bieber. You knew this was gonna be the first one. It had to be. These two have been dating for over a year, and unfortunately for Belieb-ers, it seems to be an actual relationship and not just a Disney sham like Vanessa Hudgens  and Zac Efron.
  2. She. Is. Adorable. She somehow manages to look gorgeous and friendly at the same time. I can rarely manage one of those on a good day.
  3. She was on Barney and Friends!
  4. …with (former?) best friend Demi Lovato! The two of them met doing the show and continued their friendship into later life. I’m mostly jealous of the fact that she could look in the Barney bag whenever she wanted. I was always so excited when that got brought out.
  5. She’s made out with Taylor Lautner. The two of them dated for a few months while he was filming New Moon but broke up because of pressures from the media. It was my fault, okay? I did it! I’M SORRY.
  6. She’s doing six films this year. SIX.
  7. Her third album When The Sun Goes Down, is certified Platinum.
  8. She’s funny, which she proved in her ‘Fifty Shades of Blue‘ parody video for FunnyOrDie.
  9. She has six rescue dogs. Miley Cyrus only has five. Just saying.
  10. And finally…she’s classy. Case in point — she dated a Jonas Brother (Nick Jonas) and didn’t feel the need to write an embarrassing song about it. We’re looking at you, Taylor Swift.

So those are all the reasons that we love you and hate you at the same time. You got a lot going for you, lady. Bloggers be jealous.

(Image: WENN.com)

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    • TheBit*h

      Miley Cyrus have five rescue dogs.. Mary Jane, Lila Happy, Floyd and Ziggy ;)

    • Lucas


    • mii

      when the sun goes down is platinum?? really?? Oh i guess dating justin really worked. a year without rain (her album right before) is her least succesful and none of the singles have even touched gold.

    • mii

      and actually she has like 3 song about nick jonas bang bang bang.. but of course she didnt write it she has zero songwriting and musical skills unlike queen taylor.

    • - A

      Y’all are dumb and shady as HELL. First of all, Selena doesn’t even write any of her songs. She doesn’t look cute or classy in her most recent pictures at all. And what is the point in shading Miley and Taylor for? You’re dumb to even compare Selena to them. They are superior compared to her. Especially Taylor Swift.
      Until Selena can win (or even be nominated) for a Grammy, sell out a stadium filled with 65,000 people, be the most paid celeb under 30, have an album that has sold 1 million in the first week of release, have three albums that have gone 5x platinum and win 6 Grammys in 2 years.
      Plus, if Taylor’s songs are “embarrassing”, at least she is making an impact and making history. Selena isn’t doing anything at all. By the way, these are stupid reasons.
      And if anyone says “ur just jeluz shes dating justin bieber!!” I don’t even care for Bieber. I just know that Taylor Swift is superior compared to bloated face Gomez.

    • - A

      And by the way, she looks like an ugly, herpes infested chipmunk in that photo.

    • B

      Zac and Vanessa, a disney sham? really? okay crushable. why do you have to shade multiple celebrities who are more known than Selena to make her look better? ridiculous. Miley has more than 5 dogs- fyi. She has like 4 more family dogs.
      “And finally…she’s classy. Case in point — she dated a Jonas Brother (Nick Jonas) and didn’t feel the need to write an embarrassing song about it. We’re looking at you, Taylor Swift.” First of all, Selena isn’t exactly known for writing her own songs and the one she co-wrote was so obviously about Nick (painfully so) and it is embarrassing. “I Won’t Apologize” anyone? (“I don’t even wanna be heeer” be who, Selena? Nick’s other ex Miley? Hmm).

      Oh, she has a platinum album and is doing six movies this year? good for her.. i guess. totes~~ jealous.

      • Nicole

        amen to you. LOL. no seriously, i agree with every single thing you said. the person who made this article needs to get her story straight.

    • Taylor Swift

      I’m SOOO not pathetic!!!

    • Ariana

      This is the most stupidest thing I’ve ever read. I don’t like spiders that doesn’t mean am jealous of them. Selena has no talent, that’s why I don’t like or respect her.

    • mimi

      her face is sooo fat! and then her fans have the nerve to say “beliebers are fat ugly jealous girls” selena’s face is fatter than my whole body #keepingitreal

    • taketwo

      Who’s the not-a-yet woman here you or Selena? From your article you sound little a 15 yr old teenager. You have upper hand here cause you a full page to give your story but I don’t. All I can say is give the reins to someone little more grown up. You do know there all kinds of ages and people reading your article, right?