Super Funny Video Proof That Every 3D Movie Is Exactly The Same

Now that every single movie gets released in 3D, the concept’s getting kind of stale. Like how many, “lol, do I look like a hipster” jokes can you really make with your 3D glasses when you’re waiting for the movie to start? The answer is 3. Then your friend stops laughing, pulls out her phone and makes it clear she’d rather play Draw Something with a stranger than talk to you anymore.

Our friends (they would probably use the word acquaintance, but whatevs) at Funny or Die totally understand how cliche these movies are getting. And that’s why they created this hilarious video pointing the many ways that every 3D summer blockbuster this year is the same.

Yes, it’s true. They found ways to draw connections between films like Brave, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and soon-to-be-Oscar-nominated movie, Battleship. Because the guys at Funny or Die are that smart and those movies are actually that similar. Think about it. Sometimes Rihanna has red hair…and Merida in Brave has red hair.

So before you waste any more of your money on these 3D blockbusters, watch this short little video and realize that once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

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