Gallery: The Best Of The #LessViolentFilms Trending Topic On Twitter

#LessViolentFilms Twitter trending topics best of Texas Chainsaw Misunderstanding Wet Dream on Elm Street

Hollywood has gotten so violent lately! In some cases, it makes action stars like Liam Neeson and Taken. In others, it makes us want to spew our dinner all over the people sitting in front of us (a la my experience of The Human Centipede II). Then you have the movies that disappointed us by not being violent enough, like The Hunger Games. When it comes to showing on-screen gore, no matter the genre — sci-fi, horror, action, drama — you can’t please everyone.

But where I do think people will unite is over this great trending topic on Twitter today: #LessViolentFilms. We’ve compiled our favorite entries, from punsters who’ve reimagined old and new classics with a little less of the clawed-hands-coming-out-of-beds or faces-stapled-to-anuses and instead focusing on the more important elements of each movie. Check out the gallery and share your own in the comments!

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    • Cara

      Abraham Lincoln: Bargain Hunter literally made me lol. Love ittt.