Surprise! We Get To Meet Shane West’s New Girlfriend Through Her Nude Photos

Shane West Veronika London nude photos cell phone stolenDid you know that Shane West was dating anyone? Because this is news to me… and it’s news because a young lady named Veronika London had the misfortune of forgetting her phone at a Toronto nightclub. Or maybe you could trace it further back and say that she had the misfortune of snapping some intimate photos of herself and Shane West. Because now topless pics of her are on RadarOnline, with the anonymous source contemplating revealing photos including the Nikita star. And here I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice!

“The real kicker is that Veronika has been hooking up with Shane West over the past year and most of the nude pictures on her phone were for him,” a source — who may or may not be the current owner of the cell phone? — told RadarOnline. “There’s photos of them together on her phone too and she’s worried someone’s going to try to sell them. Shane and Veronika have just been casually seeing each other, but he wouldn’t want these photos leaked.”

I would imagine he wouldn’t want those photos leaked, especially since “Veronika London” sounds like a stripper name, to be honest. However, Veronika is an aspiring actress, playing a dancer (!) on Showtime’s series Body Language. She’s also 24, a full ten years younger than her alleged boyfriend.

We don’t know much more about the situation; Veronika hasn’t addressed the nude photo leak on her Twitter yet. Shane just started shooting season 3 of Nikita, and while a recent tweet read “That IS the half naked pic. I got no pants on yo.”, I don’t think he was referring to the possibility of there being intimate photos of him ready to be published on some gossip blog.

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    • Jamie

      Wow, you people really are on the bullshit train. The rumor of them dating was from last January and she shot it down on Twitter at the time, saying they were ‘just friends’ since she had a boyfriend. If this is all true about having ‘intimate pics’ with them and ‘hooking up for the past year’ (which is bullshit), then how come a) there are no pics of them entering each other’s buildings or b) any reported sightings of them. You’re full of shit and recycling old bullshit rumors.

    • Bethany

      HAHAHAH! I agree with the person above me, get your facts right please. shane tweeted “That IS the half naked pic. I got no pants on yo.” was not reffering to the naked pictures of veronika, he was reffering to a picture Maggie q posted for the “mikita” fans when they were shooting the first episode of nikita season 3.
      Here’s the picture  She posted a picture of her and shane saying that shane was half naked and sweaty but we didn’t see a half naked shane. Check out the picture and see what Maggie q wrote and you’ll see the connection between her picture and his comment
      You guys are seriously stupid. I just needed to write this because i literally laughed my ass of reading this “article”