Magic Mountain Is The One Place Where Kim Kardashian Can’t Script Her Emotions

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We’re used to Kim Kardashian‘s twitpics being yet another way to shoehorn herself into the cultural consciousness, from awful duckface self-portraits to literally staging a one-person wet T-shirt contest on Instagram. That’s why this latest twitpic that she posted last night gives me pause—because it’s actually candid and the kind of thing a normal person would do. Kim, her little sister Kendall Jenner, and boyfriend Kanye West went to Magic Mountain recently and rode one of those awesome rides that shoots you high into the air and then drops you. Kim snapped a shot of their souvenir photo and posted it to Twitter:

Magic Mountain fun today!!! Kendall screaming, Kanye laughing & me crying!

And it’s kinda sweet! Kim is utterly terrified here, and more importantly, caught up in the moment. It’s almost as if we’re seeing how Kim acts when she isn’t banking on the cameras capturing her every move. There are ways to look cute and photogenic on theme park rides, and Kim is not doing that. But she does look normal and likeable. It’s like she could be one of my friends, or even (gasp) me.

In an alternate universe, I might actually like Kim Kardashian judging by this photo. Especially when she posted a close-up of her face with the caption “Another ugly infamous cry face for the records.” But then again, she’s being savvy and promoting her brand, even if her brand includes the funny faces she makes when she’s (fake?-)crying. So this candor will probably be short-lived.

Photo: Instagram

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