Sex On The Wire: ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’ Belongs To The Group Of Puberty Books That Scared Girls

• If you didn’t think puberty was scary enough as a youngin’, these books definitely helped instill some fear in you…(The Frisky)

• If he tells you to lose weight and doesn’t bring you out in public, you may be dating a jerk! (College Crush)

• Boost your inner confidence and feel completely irresistible! (CollegeCandy)

• Think you may have a cancer scare down there? Don’t be afraid to ask you gyno! (Gurl)

• 7 ways to tell if he is a good match other than having a common interest in breathing air…(Betty Confidential)

• Men and their short attention spans tend for them to get bored in the bedroom, snap them back into reality with these tips! (Your Tango)

• I’m glad to know I’m not the only one relying on false hope when it comes to men… (Blog With Benefits)

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