Demi Lovato Called Out For Partying Just As Another ‘Recovery’ Story Runs

Oh, girl. I really hope this story isn’t true.

Demi Lovato, unbroken, has come a long way, or so her latest cover story in Self Magazine would have you believe. After years of struggling with depression, self-harm, substance abuse and eating disorders, she’s finally starting to feel like she has a handle on things. Why, she’s not even addicted to her smart phone anymore:

“I make time for myself and meditate…And I haven’t used my cell in three months! Subconsciously, it was a crutch. When a room gets quiet, what do you do? Grab your phone! Now I can sit and have conversations with people.”

This is all very good to hear, but if a suspiciously well-timed piece of gossip is to be believed, Demi isn’t as recovered as we might think. “She’s not as sober as she’s leading everyone to believe and is still partying hard,” a source told RadarOnline. And a second source did not talk, but concurred! Oh dear.

It’s entirely possible that Demi is keeping her “partying” within responsible limits…I’m of the school of thought that a recovering coke addict can still enjoy a drink with friends once in a while, and I dislike the “all or nothing” mind frame we apply to substance use. Then again, Demi is only 19, and has made being clean and reformed a key part of her image, so maybe she should stick to that ideal. In any case, I can’t imagine it’s helping matters that Self Photoshopped her head onto a tiny Barbie body.

(Via RadarOnline)

Photo: Self Magazine

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    • Cee

      I have read in many Blind Items that implied her still partying, doing drugs and even taking another secret trip to rehab. It doesn’t sound like shes doing fine. Sad

      • Doogie Houser MD

        No what’s sad is that you are taking stock into what Blind items have to say. Blind items are about as accurate as, well nothing. Also the fact that RADAR online is reporting this, most likely this is untrue.

        PS: Her reps confirmed to two sources that this is BS. To the huffingtonpost AND to

      • Cee

        Oh yes but believing her interviews and her reps is sooo the way to go. Reps ALWAYS say the truth. Look, I don’t wish Demi anything but the best. I merely pointed out what I read somewhere. Just like you are pointing out what YOU read somewhere and YOU believe it to be true, though she’s the only one that knows what she is doing. If she is doing well, good for her, if the Blind Items were correct it is sad because she should get better. What should I have said? “Blind Items said shes doing bad YIPEE?”

      • MusicGirl

        Can you link the blind item articles that you’ve seen cause I went to their page and saw no new ones recently that would be pointed to her not being fine so I’m curious to see them. I read all articles that went into May and saw nothing so I wanna know what I’m missing. Even just say the title of one you read and I’ll search it. I know there were some about her from earlier this year but the last one I read about her was that she was doing much better and focusing on her recovery. ( the blind iten was posted may 30) Plus she has been to treatment more then once I know that for a fact so maybe you are reading old articles. Thanks :)

      • Doogie Houser MD

        Right and what gossip sites have to say ALWAYS report the truth right? “Oh my gosh, a less than accurate gossip site is saying something spotty and inaccurate. It has to be true!” Yes and I am merely pointing out that what you read is most likely garbage. You don’t have to take the words of her rep to know that 90 percent of the time blind items is BS or that Radar online’s accuracy in terms of providing accurate news is next to nill. It’s a known fact that the majority percentage of gossip out there is fiction. Also I’m not saying what I believe is true. I’m TELLING you its true. Radar online has a horrible track record in terms of being accurate. Truth. Blind items for the most part are just rehashed rumors on twitter or other lame gossip sites told with some kind of “twist” to make it seem “exclusive” to whatever gossip rage is printing whatever tale of fiction they’re telling. Truth. Also you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that this particular story is spotty. They say she’s still partying hard but not as reckless? Either she’s partying hard or she isn’t. Which one is it oh mysterious un named source? Also if only her elite circle of friends knows this, then how would THIS un named source know it? Sorry but anyone can see this is a piece of fiction.

      • Doogie Houser MD

        @MusicGirl there hasn’t been any. Unless CeCe is refering to the older ones. Which is still suspect. But as of late there hasn’t been any about her “partying” now that they would be accurate in the first place. The only new one there was is about her supposedly going to Date that guy from one direction. But the one you were talking about was the last one.

        PS: She’s only been to treatment once that we know of. Everything else is just speculation.

    • MusicGirl

      @Cee I read blind items and I didn’t see any that pointed to her partying hard again. Sure she probably still does party away from the spot light and I will admit she probably does still drink some but I havent seen blind items saying she is doing really bad. In fact I have heard she is in a much better place now then she was earlier this year.

    • Doogie Houser MD

      But I wouldn’t be surprised if some loser blind item ran with this and tried to make some lame twist to make it sound “exclusive”. In case you guys haven’t figured out, thats how blind items work.

    • Doggie houser md

      It’s funny how this “source” says that “She’s not as sober as she’s leading everyone to believe and is still partying hard” yet int the same article they say that”she’s not as reckless as she once was” hate to break it to this “source” but if she’s partying hard? Then she would be still “reckless”. Your either partying hard or you’re not. There is no in Between. Also this same article mentions that this same source says she keeps it between a close group of friends, well I’d that’s the case, then how would this person know about it ? Really, this alleged “source” should stick to one lie. At least it would be consistent.

    • Doogiehousermd

      I think anyone who is taking radaronline seriously has to be incredibly stupid. Especially from a sourc that is as unreliable and contradicting as they are. I mean this entire article they wrote is one huge contradiction in its self. There is no such thing as “not as sober” nor is there such a thing as “partying in close knit circles” if that was the case, how would this person know about it? Common sense much?