5 Facts About Beautiful Creatures, The Next Magical YA Series To Replace Twilight

4. The authors are rather involved in the adaptation, and seem to have given their blessing. After visiting the New Orleans set, Margaret Stohl couldn’t choose just one highlight:

“The first moment I saw Jeremy Irons — dressed in one of Macon’s smoking jackets, standing in the breathtaking set of Ravenwood Manor — giving the opening line of the Beautiful Creatures novel in his slow southern drawl. Hearing a brilliant Emma Thompson applaud the roles for women in the movie. Watching Richard LaGravenese work his directorial magic with our pitch-perfect Ethan and Lena. Staring at the map on the wall of Ethan’s bedroom at Wate’s Landing. Walking through Jeffrey Kurland’s incomparable costume department, where the Caster hats might include real tarantulas or live butterflies or twigs the size of antlers.”

5. I’m incredibly curious to see how sexy the movie ends up being. A major complaint/source of debate among Beautiful Creatures readers is that the authors have completely sanitized the book, making it incredibly unrealistic that Ethan is the narrator and yet he never even gets a hard-on when cuddling with Lena. Other commenters on the post I linked to above point out that in YA sex shouldn’t be a central focus.

Garcia herself has said, “The story is about non-conformity, being yourself and making your own decisions. You don’t have to be that person who is doing what everyone else does.” And yet, to completely ignore it will probably make some readers feel like they can’t buy into the characters’ love. And considering that you have some pretty actors on the big screen, I can’t see how the studio will be able to resist throwing in some stuff to make it a hard PG-13.

The movie comes out February 13th, 2013, of course, so it’s an ideal Valentine’s Day date. Not to mention, a good way to evaluate your relationship—if he can’t save you from the Dark, then he isn’t worth anything to you.

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    • Jessie

      I tried really hard with this series. Like, really hard. But I couldn’t get into it. I knew the moment I opened it, it would be made into a film franchise…I guess I am a little disappointed in it? I don’t know. I am decidedly meh about it all I guess. Should I have kept going after the first book? Am I missing something great?!

      • Jenni Maier

        Did you like Twilight, Harry Potter and/or Hunger Games? Maybe a certain type of fan will like Beautiful Creatures…

      • Jessie

        I picked up this book after I blew through the Twilight Series in a week, and just before I blew through The Hunger Games Series in another. I am currently reading the Harry Potter Series (I know, I am like, way Tardy for the Party). Maybe I am just not meant to be on top of EVERY cultural trend. Devastating. I’ll be heading down my 1D fueled Shame Spiral, if anyone needs me.

      • Jenni Maier

        There’s no shame in 1D. I’ll say no more and just leave it at that.

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    • Natalie Zutter

      Jessie – If you’re reading Harry Potter for the first time, forget Beautiful Creatures and just let yourself get absorbed into Hogwarts without any other distractions!

    • Daniel

      Beautiful Creatures is different. I have read it twice and I think it is one of the best books (and series because I’ve read Beautiful Darkness and Beautiful Chaos, too) I’ve ever read. This is not a book just for girls as Twilight for example. I am boy and I love Beautiful Creatures Series, and I’m sure that many other boys will like it, too.