Emmy Winner Amanda Plummer Will Go A Little Nuts To Play The Eccentric Tribute Wiress In Catching Fire

Amanda Plummer cast Wiress Catching Fire Christopher PlummerJust last night on the Hunger Games Fireside Chat podcast, we were talking about how the casting of Philip Seymour Hoffman is really gonna raise the bar for compiling the rest of the Catching Fire cast. How could other actors not want to be part of the sequel when such illustrious names are involved?

Well, here you go: Lionsgate has just announced that theater star Amanda Plummer is playing Wiress! At first Wiress seems like one of your sad Games stories, a victor who was driven insane by whatever atrocities she had to commit in the Arena. But Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) takes her on as an ally anyway — passing over someone like Johanna Mason, even! — and it ends up paying off in a big way.

Whereas a lot of the young tributes in The Hunger Games were total unknowns, Amanda has a niche following. She’s an accomplished theater star, having won several Tonys and Drama Desk Awards. And if the name didn’t tip you off, she’s the daughter of Christopher Plummer, a.k.a. Captain Von Trapp from The Sound of Music.

Now, Wiress is only as good as her companion and interpreter Beetee. Another social outcast, this twitchy victor is a whiz with electronics and crafts several unexpected (and incredibly deadly) traps in the Quarter Quell. He’s roughly Wiress’ age, so we’re probably looking at another lesser-known, older actor.

Props to the Fireside Chat for suggesting the perfect clip of Amanda’s prior work: The opening scene from Pulp Fiction. (NSFW!) She better do this voice for Wiress.

Photo: Leslie K. Pinon/WENN.com

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