The Boys Of One Direction Are Addicted To Breaking Up Marriages

The recent behavior of Harry Styles and Niall Horan makes us think that singing is just a hobby for the reckless boys of One Direction. You know, something to do while they seek out chaste women to destroy. After all, reports say that ruining marriages is the drug of choice for the boy bands of today.

Cocaine? Weed? ALCOHOL? Those are all passe. Stupid. Cliche. Another singer addicted to drugs? Boring and juvenile. One Direction understands that if they want to make a name for themselves, they should systematically seduce every women in the world until no one is married anymore.

Or so these grown women would have you believe with their tearful confessionals on how teenage boys destroyed their perfect marriages. Recently we heard from DJ Lucy Horobin and her husband Oliver Horobin. The 32-year-old woman who claims Harry Styles used his powers to make her have sex with him. Even thought he was 17. And probably looked 17.

And now real estate agent Ruth Hicks stepped forward and said that a photo with Niall Horan caused her fiance Joe Adkins to dump her. Because that sounds like a rock solid relationship built on trust and understanding. In a quote from The Sun, Ruth explains what happened.

Furious Joe Adkins, 32, kicked her out of the home they’d shared for four years in Portsmouth, Hampshire, confiscated her engagement ring and now refuses to see her in person. Now Ruth is desperately trying to convince car salesman Joe that her poolside chat with Niall was completely innocent. She said: “That picture is totally misleading, but it has turned my life upside-down. Joe has been bombarded by friends and family telling him he’s well shot of me. “He’s a very private man, and feels like I have humiliated him in front of the whole world. “But I love him more than anything, and would do anything to get him back. It’s all just a giant misunderstanding, but he won’t even see me face-to-face so I can explain.

Here’s some relationship advice Ruth. (And I’m not even going to touch the fact that he’s a car salesman.) If your fiance dumps you after seeing a photo of you in a pool with someone else and does not let you explain that it’s just a photo, he probably doesn’t love you. In fact, he’s probably been waiting for a reason to dump you and this gem of an excuse came along. Unless of course Joe Adkins is actually jealous of a child with no chest hair. Then it’s even worse than I thought.

Either way, Ruth is better off without him and the boys are better off without these women who keep blaming their relationship problems on him.

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