The Nathan Fillion/Zachary Levi Kiss: Comic-Con’s Greatest Unscripted Moment?

Nerdy or not, we’re all united by our love of seeing geeky men making out for a good cause. And that’s exactly what happened at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, during Zachary Levi‘s NerdHQ panel. Every year he runs the “Conversations for a Cause” panels, where fans get casual, no-holds-barred hangout time with their favorite stars. Considering that there was a big Firefly reunion at SDCC this year, it’s no surprise that Nathan Fillion was the star of the NerdHQ panel. But in the middle of things, Zachary made a surprise announcement: He had previously offered $100 for a kiss on the cheek, with proceeds going to charity, but one woman donated $1,000. Zachary had no choice but to dip her in a sweet kiss that you know made that fan’s week.

But then, because he’s that awesome and spontaneous, Nathan decided that he too had to get in on the action. So he threw a bunch of cash at Zachary and planted one on him. As if that weren’t enough to get geeky hearts aflutter, Adam Baldwin – who’s starred on Firefly with Nathan and on Chuck with Zachary — kissed Zachary too. I’m incredibly jealous of the fans who got to see this dream moment in-person, but thankfully it was also captured on video.

You have to love Nathan for teasing the fans with this tweet:

Did I kiss @ZacharyLevi on the mouth?? C’mon. That did not happen. Oh, wait…

And all that money — which you saw one of the staff members hurriedly gathering up — goes to Operation Smile. Aww!

Photo: UStream

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    • NotThumper

      Love Nathan and love that all the money goes to charity. :)

      • Scarlett

        NotThumper … you said it best. And may I add OMG