Billy Ray Cyrus Catches Miley’s Oversharing Disease, Tweets Photo Of Bloody Son In Hospital

After frequently expressing regret about the little monster he created by letting his daughter be a child star, it seems Billy Ray Cyrus has finally given into the Miley Cyrus model of being a celebrity. Rule 1: overshare everything, especially pictures of your son bleeding into a bucket.

This past weekend, you see, Billy’s son Braison Cyrus was hospitalized for complications related to a routine tonsillectomy that involved artery-puncturing and massive blood loss. “Today was actually the most horrific day of my life,” tweeted the 18-year-old. “Honestly, I can’t sleep because I am scared.” Fortunately, his dad handled this difficult situation with fatherly grace…by tweeting a photo of his wounded son holding a bucket of his own blood:

Jesus Christ! Is he trying to give everyone nightmares? At least Miley tends to overshare pictures of cute things, like puppies, Liam Hemsworth and sideboob.

As much as it pains me to say this, perhaps it’s time the father took some lessons from the daughter. I’m not saying I want to see Billy Ray Cyrus’ sideboob, but it would certainly be preferable to horror porn.

(Via HuffPost)

Photos: (top), Billy Ray Cyrus (bottom)

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    • Alaina

      Oh my god this is bad! Is he okay now?