Cutegreggator: Celebrate Crescent Head Jimmy’s Return To The Wild With These Adorable Pictures!

Fridays are hard, especially in the summer.  Everyone is always itching to get out the door and start their weekends full of A.C, sunburns and ice cream. So, in order to make the countdown go a little quicker, take a look at our gallery of Crescent Head Jimmy! Crescent Head Jimmy, the orphaned Koala who recently took over the web with his adorable photos, has been released back into the wild. [insert sad face here]

This cute ball of fur was found unconscious after being hit by a car and unfortunately his mom didn’t survive the blow.  Though Jimmy was in bad shape,  an Australian animal hospital thankfully nursed him back to health.

Now, with a clear bill of health Jimmy has headed back into the wild and we have just the gallery to honor his return to home!  Looking through these photos of him will have you wanting your very own Koala!

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