I Don’t Get Why This Future Fat Photo Of Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Is Funny

Over the past few days, this “future” photo of Kim Kardashain and Kanye West continues to pop up on the sites I frequent (all .gov sites, I’ll have you know). It shows them as an overweight, middle-aged couple who are dressed like they just came from a realtor business card photo shoot. I guess it’s supposed to be funny. But knowing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West he way that we do makes it very unfunny.

They’re the two most self-involved human beings to ever start dating. Kim’s entire career continues to thrive because she’s hot and because she convinced everyone that walking around in shape-ups would give you a defined ass. There’s no way in hell that the two of them would ever let themselves or each other get fat and ugly. Not with all their money and access to plastic surgeons.

No way, no how.

I think, on the .0004% change that they stay together for longer than a year, that their couple photos will look exactly the same in 10 years, 25 years and 50 years. These aren’t people who are shy about their obsessions with themselves. This isn’t Meryl Streep who’s all like, “I want to age naturally.” This is the couple who only started dating because they both understood the need to have sex in front of a mirror, with each other and with themselves.

So while I understand the appeal to look at their future fat selves and laugh because we hate them, I don’t think it’s the best we can do when it comes to this couple. That joke is so middle school. And I think we’re better than a bunch of middle school boys who still think its funny to giggle over double chins.

Step it up a notch Internet jokes, I expect better from you.

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    • Maggie

      I didn’t find that photo funny at all also! I thought I was the only one! It’s just not funny, I don’t get how people think it is hilarious

    • hihi90

      I think it’s just the irony and it sort of says what if two of the hottest people today one day got fat. (Even though they won’t) What would they do then? It might be far fetched but it’s a funny idea because it goes against what these two are all about..themselves.

      Also as far as the plastic surgery goes I wonder if Kanye would really be pleased with himself or Kim getting it after what happened to his mother.

    • Chelsea

      There’s a whole set of photos with other popular celebrities like Beyonce, Jay Z and Nicki Minaj in a similar fashion. If you did some research, you’d see those too. As for why you don’t find it funny. There are some things you just don’t understand in like, such as a need for an article about why you thought it was unfunny. Such is life. There’s no need to overthink a photo.

    • funny

      No amount of money can stop anyone from getting old or staying in shape forever it catches up with everyone the more plastic surgery Kim keeps getting the uglier she gets.

    • Rosanna

      I don’t think it’s HILARIOUS! But it is funny in the thought that they look like “normal” people in this photo! But both are too vain to look this way now (maybe when they get older).

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    • Kayla

      wow i feel like this article is a little harsh. I agree with you that it’s not hilarious, and that these two self involved idiots would never let themselves become these people, but at the same time I do think it’s funny to pretend for a minute that they are actually normal. And I also do think its funny that this is photoshopped so well that its believeable that this could be Kim and Kanye in 25 years.Have you seen the one of Jennifer Aniston? or the other Kardashian sisters? or David and Victoria Beckham? Don’t take it so seriously

    • Ms.Kayla

      It’s supposed to be funny because in black churches, this is a typical Pastor and his wife pic. It’s not just a pic of them fat. THAT’S the humor.