It Wouldn’t Be Hump Day Without Hearing Two Naked Guys Talk About Relationships

Did you know that the 67th amendment clearly states that the only patriotic way to celebrate Hump Day is to watch two naked guys talk about relationships? No? Blame the American education system for failing you on that one. But then thank Crushable for pulling through and saving your ass by providing you with the perfect video to celebrate this weekly holiday.

Our friends over at Gurl and Smosh teamed up again to bring you another awesome episode of Ask A Naked Guy. This week, they’re opening up on guy/girl friendships as well as the ONE big relationship that every girl/woman/lady/not-a-girl-but-not-yet-a-woman should know. If you don’t know it and you don’t choose to watch this video today,  you can kiss your love life good bye. Just order the Spinster Kit now (comes with 2 hotel-quality terrycloth bathrobes) and prepare for a life of loneliness and Oxygen movie marathons.

Does that sound bleak? Just watch the video and you’ll be fine! Seriously watch it, they’re naked!


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