For A Dumb Person, Jessica Simpson Is Very Smart At Showbusiness

In 2010 she hosted the VH1 documentary series The Price of Beauty. Remember that show? That’s around the same time she put a lit candle in her ear, shared the photo and got us all talking about her again. We might have said she was stupid and we might have said that her career’s clearly gone downhill. But that doesn’t matter — because she won. She was back in our daily conversation.

And it has to be said, that while we thought she faded away in the mid ’00s, she kept herself busy with other non-showbusiness projects, like launching a perfume line and the Jessica Simpson Collection. The Jessica Simpson Collection of course being the collection that would go on to earn her millions. Oh it would also go on to earn a spot as a mentor on the 2012 reality show Fashion Star. A show that reminded us all just how successful her clothing line’s done while we were busy making fun of her “stupidity.” Whether or not she’s super-involved in the business doesn’t really matter. That’s her name on the line and that’s all that counts when it comes to name recognition.

Reversing in time a little bit now back to fall 2011, when Jessica Simpson entered the pregnancy stage of her career. The stage where she earned headlines daily for months simply for being “extremely pregnant.” Sure, “extremely pregnant” isn’t a thing, but didn’t all of us bloggers have fun commenting on her neverending pregnancy. And when she finally gave birth, hallelujah!

And now, we’re hearing about her fluctuating post-pregnancy weight every single day as she “struggles” to lose weight for her Weight Watchers endorsement. Because, remember, Jessica Simpson figured out a way not only to keep her name in the headlines, but also to make money for losing her baby weight. The longer it takes her, the more drama it stirs up. The more drama it stirs up, the more we talk about her.  The more we talk about her, the more powerful she is as a spokeswoman and the more money she makes. She’s mastered the celebrity news cycle.

The multi-talented star continues to reinvent herself every time we tire of her and successfully keeps the spotlight shining brightly on her career. A career that revolves around keeping her name known. From a teenage pop star to a reality celebrity to a clothing designer to a mom to a  Weight Watchers spokewoman, Jessica’s blazing a new trail for mediocre singers who are unwilling to step away from their fame. May every young singer aspire to follow her in her footsteps.



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    • Katie

      This is so true. She’s definitely smarter than she acts. Now do you think those horrible mom jeans were also a stunt?

    • L

      thank you. i have been saying this same thing to ppl who ridicule her for years.

    • Cori

      Plus there was that time when she made a bunch of terrible movies. That didn’t keep her out of the limelight.

    • ProfSprout

      Great article. Sorry I didn’t see it until nearly a year later. I was looking for info about her. She could not possibly be the mouth-breather she seemed to be on Newlyweds and still be around. She doesn’t have Hilton money backing her like Paris Hilton (who’s been relegated to the cutting room floor on Real Housewife shows). Simpson seems to have made her own multi billion empire. How? This helped understand it a little more.

      • Jenni

        Thanks! It’s definitely much more of an act than people think. You can’t be that stupid and make that much money.

    • LumberIsWood

      Don’t care, she has huge boobs.