Today In News We Secretly Knew But Didn’t Want To Believe: Mila Kunis Can Be Kind Of A Bitch

Mila Kunis unpleasant on set Ted Reddit AMA assistant directorEven though we completely have a girl crush on Mila Kunis, it’s not the same as our tender affection for someone like Emma Stone. Frankly, Mila is pretty intimidating, so that while we’ll excitedly send around that great video of her verbally bitchslapping a reporter in Russian, we’re also terrified of ever ending up in her crosshairs like that. Everything we admire about her is also what would make us never want to get on her bad side. I wasn’t really able to articulate that until just now, and it’s because of a Redditor who provided some dirt on the Ted star.

According to this AMA thread, whiphippo is the daughter of an assistant director who spent much of her childhood and adolescence on the set of many major motion pictures. She’s very candid about the actors she’s encountered. Not surprisingly, the highest-rated comment is her answer to who’s the douchiest star she’s come across:

“I wouldn’t call her a ‘douche,’ but I was not a huge fan of Mila Kunis. I think she’s very talented and I respect her for the work she’s done, and I’m actually still very much a fan of hers, but she was not very pleasant to be around. Constant smoke breaks, would stare right through you, and was constantly surrounded by very large, burly assistants/security team members.”

Turns out whiphippo worked on Ted last year, which is likely where she encountered Mila. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense that Mila would be more guarded than other actors: She was only seven when she was uprooted from Ukraine to Los Angeles, and she’s been working her way up the ranks since. You expect some toughness from someone who’s had to acclimate to a whole new language and culture, not to mention when that culture is Hollywood.

The only reason I didn’t want to believe the anecdote is because she’s so damn charming on-screen. She played a great foil for Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane in Ted, and she nailed the mix of acerbic and yearning romantic in Friends with Benefits. She seems like someone who would be a loyal friend, but you’d have to earn her respect first. And there’s not really anything wrong with that.

In other unsurprising news, here’s whiphippo’s favorite actress to meet: “Definitely Jennifer Garner! She was so sweet! I’ve actually met her a few times and she always remembers me and asks how I’m doing.”

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    • Jerry

      She quit smoking like 7 months ago, and can you really blame for having security around her after she had an encounter with a stalker these past 2 years? I believe the stares though, she even admits to having a stern stare down.

    • Nikkie

      This actually makes me like her more, I don’t agree with being rude to be rude, but she is a celebrity (who as Jerry pointed out was being stalked) and who likely isn’t 100% sure why people around her are around her. So I like that she isn’t fake happy and perky. She definitely wouldn’t be someone I would cross, but I appreciate that she isn’t trying to be Jennifer Garner when she just isn’t.

      • Vanessa Vieira

        I agree! Some people have bubbly, upbeat personalities….and some don’t. The things whiphippo said are observations. We don’t really know how Mila is in her comfort zone, around her friends, family, etc. And I definitely also appreciate that she isn’t trying to be someone she’s not. It wasn’t like she was at an event, she was on set…at work. A person doesn’t need to be rainbows and butterflies at all times, especially at work.

    • will

      While i do think Mila has the ability to go off, i highly doubt she’s a mean person. Go on youtube and search Mila Kunis interview and you will not find one time when she didn’t seem like a genuinely nice person. I’ve also seen stories on the web of people running into her on the street and every story had the same result: she was nice. She admits to having a death stare though.

    • paul

      hey jerry are you sure she quit smoking? just wondering and anyway you guys are right its work i know it can be a fun job but when youve been doing since 14 i can see she would probaly get tired of it. still a big fan and love her acting.

    • Cori

      The security part is right. I worked/served the Marine ball she attended last year and they were everywhere. The cooks got aggressively patted down, which I thought was hilarious. I wasn’t serving near her, but I walked over and stood by on of her bodyguards briefly to see what she was wearing. I hoped it was something dramatic.. She seemed nice though, smiled a lot and constantly was posing for pictures. The bodyguards were no joke though, when she left they made all the employees leave the building. Oh and when the guy serving her table slipped her a note suggesting they go smoke pot out on the back dock, she was nice about that too. Told him no and her bodyguard let my manager know that Chris was a dumbass. Maybe she was acting for the PR, but she seemed genuinely nice to me.

    • Pat

      Hey Natalie Zutter it’s not “the” Ukraine. It’s just Ukraine. You don’t refer to Italy as the Italy do you? Didn’t think so. You should probably fix that.

      • Johnny

        You should kill yourself.

    • David M

      She is rather unpleasant to work with. I am an extra and she was jealous of a colleague of mine (Who was much, much prettier than Kunis) and got her removed from filming…

    • Mom of my kids

      Im a mother of 4 and we saw her at a mall and she was very nasty to my children who just asked if she was Mila Kunis and she replied “get away from me” I thought wow, nice way to treat a kid, grow up!