There’s Hope For Chloe Moretz: Her Mom Seems Totally Normal And Not A Momager At All

Chloe Moretz mother Teri nurse birthday momager Dina Lohan Dianna Hart

Over the weekend, Chloe Moretz tweeted several photos from her mother Teri‘s birthday celebration with captions like :) love you mommy. We were struck not only by the clear affection Chloe has for Teri — it’s rare for any 15-year-old to not be repulsed by her mom — but also by how low-key the festivities were. There were no inappropriate outfits, underage drinking, half-naked guys, or any of the inappropriate behavior we’ve come to expect when starlets go partying with their enabling mothers.

Seriously, the last time we saw Lindsay Lohan and mom Dina out in public together, they were making out. By contrast, Teri and Chloe seem to get along without looking for any sort of attention or validation. In fact, they sometimes don’t get along: Rather than fall into the troubling best-friends dynamic you see more and more, Teri sometimes puts her foot down. As Seventeen‘s recent cover girl, Chloe told the magazine about a time when — gasp — she got her phone taken away:

“I just got my phone back yesterday. My mom had it for two days. I was supposed to read a book and I really wanted to play Call Of Duty. It’s not like I want to go read the hot story in Cosmo and get locked up! No, I get caught for playing video games.”

Chloe Moretz mother Teri nurse birthday momager Dina Lohan Dianna Hart

While doing press for Dark Shadows, Chloe continued to tell stories of her mom not taking her bullshit:

“I perfected the best angst-ridden, sick-of-it-all eye roll for the film, and I got quite good at it. Tim Burton said it was really good and Johnny Depp loved it… When [my mom and I] would get into a fight at home, I’d do my eye roll that I learned professionally, and Mom was like, ‘Stop bringing your characters home with you!’”

Budding fashionista Chloe has also gushed about raiding her mom’s closet: “She has the most incredible clothes from the ’80s.” You see Teri by her side at the airport and on Instagram, but not at Hollywood parties that one is too old for and the other too young for. It probably helps that Teri doesn’t seem to have delusions of grandeur about her own fame: She’s a nurse practitioner, married to Chloe’s plastic surgeon father. To be fair, her brother Trevor – who shows up in the same photos as Teri — is Chloe’s acting coach. But it seems like this family has a healthy respect for boundaries, all the same. They complement her life, rather than control it the way someone like Dianna Hart De La Garza (Demi Lovato‘s mom) is rumored to.

Anyway, Chloe only has room for one over-controlling mother, and that’s Julianne Moore as her on-screen tormentor in the upcoming Carrie remake.

Photo: Instagram

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    • Chloefornication

      Choe’s parents got divorced. Please, fix that in the article.

      • Sav

        That’s not something that needs to be public. You should’ve had more common sense and respect for Chloe than to post that.

      • john dough

        Yes, how DARE someone give out factual information regarding Chloe Moretz! Are you for real, airhead? I for one am glad they said it, I was under the FALSE presumption that her parents were still married…

      • Sav

        The family never intended for that info to be publicly released and have never commented on it. It’s nobody’s business no matter what your impressions are. Jerk.

      • Rob

        The Moretz’s have never talked about this in public, so why are you? My guess is you are a fan of Chloe, so keep that in mind when posting.

    • vivian Ray

      Mrs. JAMESyou wrute 50 shades wit Robert andKristen in mine. NOT twilight. So cast Rob and Kristen, this will work for every body

    • j b

      Chloe’s parents have been divorced for years now. There is no reason that this should be kept secret. Her father is a complete jerk and left her mother and little Chloe. They live in different cities now. He is probably with his new girlfriend in Beverly Hills and she is living in Los Angeles. Chloe wants nothing to do with her father and doesn’t mention him in interviews. She seems to like to pretend he is dead and doesn’t exist.

      • john dough

        Riiiight, it MUST be entirely her dad’s fault, because he’s the man, right? Her mom is an angel, and is still single and doesn’t mess around with other men because she’s too sad, while her evil dad is out whoring it up, right? Get real. What evidence do you have that her dad was a big “meanie” and left her mom and Chloe for no good reason? The fact that she doesn’t talk about him is not evidence of that. Could be that her mom simply TELLS her that he’s a bad guy, or maybe its simply because she doesn’t live with him…