Sexy Times: Damage Control For When Your Naked Pics Get Leaked

Now that kids are basically handed smart phones when they hit puberty, people taking and sending naked photos — and then watching them get leaked out to the rest of the school! — happens way more often than it used to. So if you’ve been a victim of perhaps too-impulsively sexting your naughty bits to a guy or a friend you thought you could trust, the good news is that you’re not alone. This week’s Sexy Times is here to help you with what happens after that embarrassment of having your naked photos shared around, and how to get past it as quickly as possible.

Sarah Hoots from Gurl has all your bases covered: How to track down and delete the pics, how to express just how upset you are to your boyfriend or frenemy, and (most importantly) why you have to be the bigger person and not vow revenge. Anyway, famous folks like Vanessa Hudgens and Blake Lively have made it past a nude photo scandal!

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