5 Super-Beliebers Who Will Gladly Date Justin Bieber If Selena Gomez Breaks Up With Him

Looks like Selena Gomez will no longer be “chillin by the fire while eating fondue” with Justin Bieber. Yup, reports are coming in that they’ve broken up.  Even if these reports aren’t true just yet, sources such as Hollywood Life say these two are definitely headed for splitsville any second! Now before all of you Beliebers go crazy because he’s single, lets all take a moment to mourn the loss of this young love. These two started dating back in 2010, and since then they have had many adorable dates, including frequent trips to IHOP and fro-yo eateries.   Ah, teenage romance, pancakes and frozen yogurt! That is the stuff that dreams are made of.

So while we wait for a statement confirming or denying these rumors from one of their reps, we’ve comprised a list of 5 Beliebers who we think will gladly take Selena’s place!


It seems that @JBiebsHeaven would be a great girlfriend to the Biebs–just look, she appreciates his knack for having 1 things, perhaps she’ll be his “One Less Lonely Girl”?

@Zerina_Belieber seems like she would be a pretty easy going girlfriend because she isn’t too hard to please! She doesn’t even want a kiss from Justin, just getting a hug from him before she died would be enough…Though we think she should aim for a kiss!

@BiebsHeaven could be in the running for The Bieb’s new girl.  I mean, the girl cries because she loves Justin Bieber, tears of love people, not tears of sadness! If that isn’t true love,I don’t know what love is!
@Bieberbucks wishes to have her own shot at a 2012 date with Justin Bieber! And rightfully so, that is a dedicated woman who re-watches his work dating back to 2009!

@kidrauhlgummies would clearly be a great girlfriend because not only does she think Justin Bieber is perfect, but she is also nice enough to follow people back on twitter!  She seems like a pretty fair gal!

Don’t agree with this list of ladies and think you would be a better girlfriend to Justin Bieber? Send us a tweet at @crushabledotcom on why you would be the perfect girl for the Biebs!

(Photo: Photo.Wenn.com)

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    • Enrique Nunez

      Selena I would like a shot to be youre boyfriend all do I am 15 (going to be 16 on august this 2012) and not that good looking about 50/50 say some of my female friends. But there is all so more guys out there so hope you find your match as well. really hope that match is me do.

    • Enrique Nunez

      Selena if you do brake up with Justin, I will be willing to be your boyfriend. I believe that you are the hottest girl in the vast infinity of this never ending infinite size universe we live on.

    • Enrique Nunez

      Crushable, I wrote the 2 messages under Enrique Nunez, and wish to apologise since it seem that my original message splited up in have to post as 2 comments sorry for the incovinienece. My most sincere apologies.

    • Fabulous it’s my simple request

      Where’s Amanda Bieber?

    • Skylar

      The hell so other beliebers doesnt have a chance to be justins girlfriend…..oh. So only super beliebers…

    • SARA

      lol lol lol. THis page or what the fuck is just fuckings awkward? If you know justin loves ALL OF US and selena and jusitn haven’t broke up? You guys dont anything! THink and SEARCH before you talk, awkward shit people !! lol

    • Selenator

      check your facts before you start saying shit her birthday was on sunday wtf he trew are party made a speach that brought her to tears wtf woould they break up you guys dont know hsit gtf out of thier lifes damn nobody should really gtf

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