Emma Stone’s Performance In The Amazing Spider-Man Makes Her America’s Sweetheart

But I worried about Gwen Stacy and how her relationship would Peter Parker would affect her future. After all, she’s going to college for being a science genius. I would hate for her to be distracted by her superhero boyfriend. Nor do I want him to drive a wedge between her and her very-loving father. He’s a Carl Winslow of a cop and I have a soft spot for his unwavering devotion to arresting Spider-Man. Sorry I’m not sorry for liking a man with unwavering commitment to a cause.  Within just minutes of meeting Gwen Stacy, I forgot Emma Stone ever played any other role in her entire life.

Do you know how impressive that is? Considering that’s she starred in 17896 movies this year, the fact that I could separate all her characters is incredibly impressive. It’s not like I watched this movie expecting her to call out for Aibleen, but I usually confuse characters and their actors if they star in multiple blockbuster films within the same year.

And because she’s Emma Stone, we know she has a lot more movies coming out within the next year. Three to be exact: The Gangster Squad, The Croods and an untitled comedy. Three movies, three completely different roles. And I’ll tell you right now, three viewing experiences that will make me obsess over her even more.

With every role she plays, she manages to make me care about her, root for her and want to befriend her. And isn’t that what America’s Sweetheart does? She convinces you time after time, movie after movie, that she’s worthy of your friendship as well as a jealously-inducing romance.

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    • Meghan Radespiel

      I couldn’t agree more with this article. Every movie I see Emma Stone in I’m always rooting for her, and not-so-secretly declaring to my friends that I want to be her. I look forward to her becoming America’s sweetheart!

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    • Sonia

      This made me really want to see the movie! I love Emma and Andrew as a couple, they’re so precious!

    • Sarah

      She was horrible in spiderman.

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