Emma Stone’s Performance In The Amazing Spider-Man Makes Her America’s Sweetheart

After seeing Emma Stone star in The Amazing Spider-Man as Gwen Stacy this week, I can confidentially say that she’s in the running for America’s Sweetheart. Sure that’s a completely loaded term leftover from the days of Meg Ryan rom-coms and Julia Robert’s Notting Hill days, but if there’s ever been a time, reason and actress to bring it back, Emma Stone is it.

Everyone agrees that she’s just great. She’s a wonderful actress who can make the most cold-hearted viewer fall in love with her character. I can say that because ice runs through my veins and my heart lives in a freezer. I find her fabulous to watch in movies and I find her compelling to listen to in interviews. She’s real and she’s fun and she’s a great friend.

Well, I assume she’s a great friend. I obviously don’t know that for a fact, but maybe, one day, I’ll bump into her at Whole Foods and we’ll start discussing quinoa salad options and she’ll invite me over for dinner and we’ll talk about Andrew Garfield over wine and deviled eggs.

But back to her wonderful performance in The Amazing Spider-Man. She did an awesome job, especially considering that I didn’t even plan on liking the movie. Not only did we just play the Spiderman movie game last decade and not only do we all know the story, but I also don’t even really like these kinds of action films. Even if they’re in 3D IMAX. I mean, once I’m sitting in  the theater, I always get into these movies. But when I’m watching trailers on TV and researching upcoming films, I never get excited for superhero films. I’m not making countdowns and tattooing myself with premiere dates.

To semi-quote Austin Powers in a line that I don’t think has been quoted since we stopped using AIM in the mid ’00s, it’s just not my bag baby.

Emma Stone totally made this movie work for me. She’s just so darn likeable in it. Forget caring about Spider-Man, because we totally know he turns out okay. He has 4500 sequels to film and he can’t do that from the grave. (“Or can he?” Hollywood executives wonder as they start drafting plans for a ghostly Spider-Man sequel.) I knew he’d survive, whether I invested my emotions in him or not.

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    • Meghan Radespiel

      I couldn’t agree more with this article. Every movie I see Emma Stone in I’m always rooting for her, and not-so-secretly declaring to my friends that I want to be her. I look forward to her becoming America’s sweetheart!

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    • Sonia

      This made me really want to see the movie! I love Emma and Andrew as a couple, they’re so precious!

    • Sarah

      She was horrible in spiderman.

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