This .Gif Of Jay-Z Awkwardly Not Hugging Kim Kardashian Is Amazing

We didn’t watch last night’s BET Awards because we figured it’s more TheGloss’ domain, what with the best and worst dressed of the red carpet. But we should’ve considered that since honorees included Jay-Z and Kanye West, drama would go down. Last week we wondered over how Kim Kardashian managed to actually become friends with Beyonce even though compared to the other three, Kim is like Eliza Doolittle in the beginning of My Fair Lady. Except, utterly unredeemable.

Well, Kim continues to hang on to Kanye’s arm and appear with their famous couple friends, such as last night at the BET Awards. I’m assuming that this .gif came from when the guys won Best Group for their Watch the Throne collaboration. Watch how Kanye kisses Kim and turns to hug Bey, but instead of trading significant others after hugging his wife, Jay-Z just stands there awkwardly. Could it be any clearer that he has no desire to touch an inch of Kim Kardashian?

Jay-Z awkward not hug Kim Kardashian Kanye West wipe mouth BET Awards Beyonce wtf .gif

I love how Kim doesn’t make a big deal, just nods politely and accepts Jay-Z’s halfhearted arm-around-the-waist consolation prize as he passes. Because she knows she’ll never be on their level. But then, to add insult to injury, did you notice how Kanye wiped his mouth after kissing Kim? You almost feel sorry for her. Maybe Jay-Z did, because as Kanye went to do his acceptance speech, Hova grabbed the mic and said, “Excuse me Kanye, I’mma let you finish, but…” That, or he owed Taylor Swift one.

.gif: @twitney

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    • Trish

      Why should he hug her? Kanye hugged Bey because she was nominated. Kim was not nominated? plus that would have been kind of disrespectful for him to be hugging her? you people had to try and find something, not happy unless there is drama. SMDH!! just plain ignronat, these people are probably sitting at home laughing at you idiots.

      • Stephanie

        I agree with you Trish. I don’t think there was nothing awkward about Kim and Jay-Z not hugging. Kanye and Beyonce have been friends for a long time. Kim hasn’t really established a deep enough friendship with Jay-Z to be hugging him like that. I thought what they did was very respectful. Her actions were acknowledging the fact that she was happy he won, and he gave her a “thank you” gesture.

    • Lisa

      This article is written by an extremely jealous bitter hater. Kanye wiped his lips AFTER kissing beyonce. Oh Kanye hates Beyonce. See how stupid your logic is?

      • Steve Dave

        …except he didn’t kiss Beyonce.

    • more observant

      Um…making a big deal about nothing, perhaps? Look at Jay-Z hug Beyonce! He does a half-hearted hug on her, too….with only one arm! Talk about trying to create drama where there really isn’t any.

    • Linda

      Who had the worst pop career? Kim Kardashian of Paris Hilton?

    • Lisa

      He did kiss Beyonce on the cheek. And seriously maybe he didnt want lipstick/gloss on his mouth. This article is ridiculous. She’s in Paris with him right now.

    • Frances

      Even Perez Hilton grew out of this bullying stuff. I expect more out of a publication connected with Grindstone and Mommyish. Especially from someone who is a pretty great writer.

    • commonsense

      Maybe he still sees her as the sex tape fame wh*re she really is and he doesn’t want to feed into her bullsh*t?

    • Susan

      Stehphanie, thats exactly what I saw. Two people who dont know each other being polite…Kim nodded at him and he thanked her by putting his arms around her. No disrespect there. Kanye wiping his mouth is a nervous action or reflex having nothing to do with kissing kim. Its hard to date someone you dont enjoy kissing.

    • torie

      First off I just have to include that Kanye west ALWAYS does the little hand across mouth thing. Most rappers do, However that was a coincidence that he just so wiped his mouth after kissing Kim K . Jay- Z not hugging Kim K ? Why is this a problem? I wouldn’t hug her either. I mean his “WIFE” was literally right there, I haven’t seen them speak one word that whole time. I personally think that Jay-Z handled that properly and he made her look like a jackass on national television but oh well. Cold World !!

    • Melissa

      If you notice, Jay-z reaches out to Kim first. I don’t see how this is a big deal. They probably just don’t know each other that well yet. Its always nerve racking to meet your boyfriends friends at first. You want to make a good impression but not seem like you’re trying to too hard at the same time.

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    • littleZ

      This is stupid.He didn’t hug her because he doesn’t know her well and they are actually not friends YET.It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like her.Kanye huged B because they know each other for ages and are great friends and pretty close. BTW I’m not a fan of Kim,I’m just being objective.

    • Flossy

      She probably told him about her plans for a star on the walk of fame and how reality TV stars are like rappers, hence why she thinks she should be given one. I’ve never seen such a deluded idiot spout such BS.She needs to realise Rappers are talented Reality TV Stars are not. Or perhaps when she nods at him she’s thinking “You next” after Kanye if she keeps going she may work her way up to 50 Cent which is how much her talent is worth.

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