Cody Horn Got Her Magic Mike Role By Doing The Opposite Of How She Acted In The Movie

Cody Horn Magic Mike bad actress nepotism dad studio exec Alan Horn

The Crushable office was pretty unanimously underwhelmed by Cody Horn‘s performance in Magic Mike. She wasn’t awful per se, more like her reaction shots swung between the two extremes of stone-faced to over-the-top emotional. (Her one big scene is where she finds her brother, played by Alex Pettyfer, passed out in a drugged haze. I feel bad poking fun, but the way she flails around and yells, “My bruh-huh-huther!” came off as way cheesy.) I much preferred Olivia Munn.

But what’s interesting is the circumstances under which Cody Horn got this romantic lead in Magic Mike. She tells HuffPo that it’s “a pretty crazy story”—we wouldn’t go that far, but it’s certainly unexpected. Seeing as, you know, the way she acted in the interview is the complete opposite of how she came across in the movie:

They weren’t going to see me because they thought I was too young, but my agent, Jason, fought for me to go in. Carmen Cuba, the casting director, agreed to meet with me, and we taped the interview. She asked me questions about my life, my dating history, things like that. We talked like girlfriends would; it was more friendly than a formal interview. I then got a call that I was to go in and audition for them, which I did. After we finished the scenes, Carmen excused the guy I was reading with and said, “This will never happen to you again for the rest of your career, but you booked the role before you came in.” I’m not sure what Steven [Soderbergh] and the producers saw in me, but I’m glad they saw something they liked!

I hate to say it, but what they say was probably her dad, studio exec Alan Horn. Curiously, he was the COO at Warner Bros. when Magic Mike (a Warner Bros. picture) was being cast.. That would probably explain why her first go-round was really relaxed and casual. It’s really difficult to equate the Cody who has easygoing girl-talk with the casting director, with the Cody who comes across as so stern and unrelaxed in the movie. Or maybe she’s making up the whole audition story. Because you’d think that the Magic Mike producers would’ve wanted her to bring that same energy and intimacy to the role, when instead her character Brooke is so closed off.

Gawker makes the apt comparison between Cody and Tori Spelling, whose writer/director father Aaron Spelling is the only reason she ended up as an actress. Sorry Cody, but that story makes a lot more sense.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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    • Brenda

      knowing something about the casting and the movie..let me clarify. It’s Steven Soderbergh (not spielberg as you article states)
      this film was independently financed without a studio attached. It was after film wrapped that Magic Mike was bought domestically by Warner Bros. At the time the film was bought by Warner Bros (many studios were bidding for the film) Alan Horn had just been CANNED from his job. (they said he was going to segue into overseeing a new division..developing broadway shows out of previous warner bros films..but this was a very big demotion for someone that used to run the studio. So if anything..having Cody Horn in the film could be perceived as a negative..because the studio was at such odds with her father. Give the girl a break..she got it fair and square.

      • Amy

        …buuuuut she was still pretty turrible.

    • Christopher Carpenter

      I find it imteresting thay almost eveything you say here is wrong, and then you site Gawker- GAWKER!- as a source. Shame on you.

    • CynicalCritic

      Actually, she WAS awful per se. And my casting director friend agrees with me.

    • Chelsea

      The whole movie I wondered why on earth she was cast in this film. Like, she comes from the Kristin Stewart school of acting. It was just plain awful.

      Anyway, her being in the film was a huge negative. Every single time she came on screen, it was like she sucked the life out of the scene. That is a skill I suppose. Just really bad. Especially anytime she was supposed to convey emotion, it just never got there.

      I really want to know who was like, “Oh wow, this is really great stuff. They’re emoting so well.” Because we all know that Channing Tatum isn’t a great actor either.


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    • TNT

      Not sure if I’ve EVER disliked a performance more than what Cody Horn did not deliver.

    • Lisa

      Really Really Terrible.
      Just because someone is beautiful doesn’t mean they can or should act…

    • mel

      Loved this movie! Hated cody horn!

    • Amanda

      It all makes sense how she got the part, i didn’t know she had those kind of connections! She was so terrible in the film, dragged down every scene she was in. Channing was so fun and charming, he tried to do what he could in the scenes he was in with her, and she had the same tone and expression each take. Ugh, anybody would have been better!

    • john32499sd

      The acting from cody horn was awful, it made me want to fast forward the scenes she was in it. Especially the scene where she is in the club watching the strippers. Totally dead face and eyes. Even if she had to play an over the top protective sis, she has to have a pulse somewhere- some place to be exited by what she sees, even an internal struggle- I like, I don’t but I cannot stop watching type thing. But no, there is nothing like that.

      Why didn’t steven cast sasha gray as the sister- playing the role straight? I would have loved the irony and her eyes are so much more expressive. Could of even thrown in a better sex scene. I cannot believe that this cody horn got the role by her acting talents- there are literally millions of actresses that could have done a better role. I think steve is loosing it on his picking of female actresses, remember that one with the MMA woman in it? terrible too.

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    • Nale Dixon

      I think you meant to say “what they SAW was her dad”. Anyway, awful performance. Very unlikable. And f**k nepotism. Sorry!