Alec Baldwin: Creative Actor Type, Psycho Murderer Or Just A Douche?

As Vanity Fair‘s Mr. August, 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin gives an interview that comes off a little bit…like he’s skipped a couple of Rageaholics Anonymous meetings. Baldwin tells Vanity Fair‘s Todd S. Purdum that since that fateful voicemail to his daughter Ireland Baldwas was released, he has improved on both his relationships with his wife and daughter and his volatile temper, despite getting into it with a Daily News photographer just last week. However, he doesn’t do much for his case when he talks about the players in that dreadful scenario.

According to Vanity Fair, Baldwin “outlined vivid fantasies of the gruesome ways in which he might have murdered his wife’s lawyer,” one of those methods being with a baseball bat. And as for TMZ’s Harvey Levin, the guy who posted that voice mail, Baldwin says,

“I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes.”

Umm… Even the fact that he used the past tense can’t really soften a death wish like that. But hey, at least therapy has helped him pinpoint exactly where his rage comes from.

“You know, Hollywood does draw some very strange characters, and then the power of Hollywood and what they can do with it becomes like a blood sport to them.”

Okay so maybe the man is still sorting through his emotions. But I gotta say, personally, a guy that called his daughter a “pig,” a “thoughtless pain in the ass,” and a “daughter-of-a-bitch” doesn’t scream life partner to me. Or you didn’t hear? Baldwin’s remarried. To a 28-year old yoga instructor. Who “wasn’t quite sure who he was” when they first met. Let’s just say it all together: Bullshit.

So, what do you think? Lost puppy trying to find himself again? Jerk? If you think this question isn’t of much importance now, be warned. You could be asking yourself this very question in a ballot box some time in the way-too-near future.

“I think I do want to go into politics. I really, really do,” Baldwin said. “And I don’t know if I will.” He said he imagines Obama saying to himself, “’Wow, this isn’t what I thought it was going to be.’ You’ve got to put up with all this shit. If I want to run, run for what? You have to stop and ask a lot of whys. Run for the glory? Run to complete some missing piece of myself? I can keep doing what I’m doing for a living now and be perfectly happy.”

Vanity Fair did not disclose whether or not Alec Baldwin was on drugs for this interview.


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    • Rosanna

      He’s a douche and if he EVER becomes anywhere near Presidentialness, I’m moving to Canada!

    • Eileen

      I have a general theory that if you are not nice to the people at Starbucks, you are not a nice person. And I have it on good authority that he is not nice to the people at Starbucks.

      • Kelsey Manning

        You know what I completely agree with that. How people treat waiters and waitresses etc. is often a dead giveaway. And I also like the fact that you’re insinuating you know someone who served him at Starbucks… Feel free to share that story :)

      • McKealty

        I have it on even better authority that if you’re verbally abusive to your children, you are not a nice person.

        It’s unfortunate that your friend that works at Starbucks got treated rudely by him, perhaps even sworn at. However this man is a clear Narcissistic Personality Disorder test case, with a touch of Psychotic Disorder as well.

        Plus a big, fat, racist, bigoted, hypocrite, liberal douchebag.

    • Joseph Durocher

      Kelsey, Alec Baldwin reminds me way too much of my brother-in-law. Alone with my sister and my niece and nephews, he was a brute. In public, he was all smiles – butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. He spent lots of money on my sister and my niece and nephews which further convinced people that he was the ideal husband and father.

      Baldwin’s behavior at home, inside and out front of Devonshire House – the abuse of his first wife, his cursing of his daughter, the altercations with photographers – is similar to my brother-in-laws’ behavior at home. That’s the real McCoy. The performance we see on David Letterman and elsewhere is as phony as my brother-in-laws’ performance in public.

      The big donation to the arts is similar to my brother-in-laws’ purchase of fancy outfits for my sister and expensive toys for my niece and nephews. That’s just part of his public performance. Plus, there’s the fact that he had to do something BIG to counter the bad publicity he has earned himself recently. He may have hurt his ability to attract an audience to a TV show or movie. Capital One may be reconsidering its contract with him.

      • McKealty

        Capital One will do nothing.

        As a liberal, this behavior is excused.

        No one questioned if Mel Gibson was just “the creative type” after his racist, drunken rant.

        Capital One did nothing when he went nuts on Twitter calling Michelle Mankin a “slant eyed gook”.

        Liberals are allowed to behave like this. Most especially if they are among the societal elite as being esteemed Thespians.

    • McKealty

      Alec is one of the great Hollywood liberal leaders. This guy is a political icon to the loons in La-La Land.

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    • Hannah G.