Sexy Times: How Do I Know I’m Ready To Have Sex?

Ah the age old question, wrestled with at some point in every TV show that has ever had a teenager on it in the history of the world. Both on television and in real life, the scenario generally falls into one of four categories:

1. Girl has sex and regrets it, 2. Girl has sex because she’s really in love (or at least thinks she is), 3. Girl decides not to have sex and guy breaks up with her — proving that she made the right decision — and she’s devastated, or 4. Girl decides not to and guy says it’s okay and they stay together (and may or may not have sex next season).

As someone who has fallen into three of those four categories at one time or another (I don’t even know where you find a guy douchey enough to fall into the third category), I know it’s tough. Check out what has to say about the dilemma in this week’s Sexy Times.

(Photo: IWannaKnow)

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    • alex

      I need a sexy lady dat wl luv me!am caring n nice..prefarably an American.