Sex On The Wire: Hump Day Was So Yesterday. Let’s Just Get Naked.

• The 20 sluttiest sex stories you’ll ever hear. Unless you’re a Slutty McSlutterson. Then your stories are probably better. (CollegeCandy)

• 6 ways you should act single in a relationship. One way you shouldn’t? Hooking up with other people. (Your Tango)

• Get ready for erotic breast feeding. Or don’t. Really, this one is your call guys. No erotic pressure from us. (The Frisky)

• How to survive third wheel syndrome. Without having to look it up on WebMd. (The College Crush)

• The time of the day when we talk about revenge sex. It’s different than that other time of day when we talk about the people on the tv show Revenge having sex. (Gurl)

• 9 sexy (and hilarious) stripteases that will make you want to start frequenting strip clubs. (Betty Confidential)

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