These Are the Songs You’ll Want to Say You Knew Before Everyone Else

Since March, we’ve been featuring an interview with an up-and-coming artist every week here on Crushable. We’ve had the chance to talk with some incredible musicians, and beyond the great music we’ve had the opportunity to listen to, we can’t help but be really excited about one thing in particular. The fact that these people are going to be famous! Seriously.

It’s refreshing to see that there’s so much talent out there – really, it’s almost too much to handle when you take a close look. Some of these artists are already hitting their big breaks. We wouldn’t be surprised if you recognized a few of their songs from TV or radio. But even if you aren’t familiar with them, you’ll want to listen now, because we think you’ll be hearing more from these bands and solo artists very soon. And come on. You know you want to be that obnoxious person who gets to say, “I liked this song before it was popular.”

So check it out – these are the songs we think you should listen to now so you’re in the know when they become the next big thing.

“98″ by Charlie Dane

“It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons

“Life Happens” by Brandon and Leah

“Dangerous Girl” by Jay Loftus

“Life Boat” by Early Morning Rebel

“Conversations with Z” by Shellee Coley

“Move” by Jennings

“You Made it Rain” by Risa Binder

“Forever” by Brooke Valentine

“Somebody” by Jukebox the Ghost

“Atmosphere” by Mree

“Two Weeks” by Great Elk

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    • Cori

      Dangerous Girl seems like it could be a good fit for Catching Fire. Am I wrong?