Dating Chris Evans Sounds Not Dissimilar To Dating Don Draper

Hey ladies! Would you like to date a younger, ripped-er, less fictitious version of Don Draper? Then Chris Evans might just be your guy, at least according to a recent interview with Women’s Health Magazine.

Granted, it’s hard not to come off at least a little bit douchey when sincerely answering these kinds of questions, but it seems like Chris Evans wasn’t even trying:

Finish this sentence: Women don’t understand how much men want to. . . 
Watch football on Sundays. And I know a lot of women who don’t understand that the whole day is going to be dedicated to football. That’s all we ask!

What qualities make a woman marriage material?
I really like women who get emotional about babies and puppies. I’ve met some incredibly cool women who are tough, but the woman you marry should have a really soft side.

Whaddaya tell a woman with two black eyes? Take my wife, please! Men are from Mars, women are from some weepy, irrational planet! And they totally cannot drive! AMIRITE FELLAS?

Next he’s going to tell us his ideal woman doesn’t talk, cooks a mean pot roast, and eats a lot of burgers but never gains weight. Biggest possible side-eye.

On the upside, Chris Evans is handsome, looks nice in suits, and behaves inappropriately with women he’s introduced to in a professional context. So basically, he’s got all of Don Draper’s hottest qualities, with none of Jon Hamm‘s namby-pamby “belief in equality” to get in the way. Interested?

(Via Women’s Health Magazine)



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    • Ash

      Ahh, this is sort of a bummer because there was a teeny, tiny part of me that hoped that he was really awesome in addition to being really hot and not a total d-bag, but alas, hot AND awesome only comes in Hemsworth and Hiddleston and Downey, Jr. That’s okay. He’s still reallllly nice to look at. [:

    • Dâmaris

      Jamie, you took the words out of my mouth. What he said was a major turn off. I still think he would be a nice guy to hang out with, though. Just not marriage material to me ;-)

    • A WOMAN!

      Maybe its just me…but i don’t understand the whole Don Draper thing from wanting to watch Football all day on Sunday (uh…what guy doesn’t) and wanting a girl who gets emotional about puppies and babies….You guys are reaching….

    • AgBot

      I must have missed something because I thought his answers were reasonable… But I also like football, babies, and puppies. And who’s Don Draper?

    • Melinda Piette

      Agreeing Chris Evans appears to be NOTHING like Don Draper, or even a normal Mad Men dude. I’m a hetero woman and I really like football—maybe the one with the 50′s mindset is yourself. Ditto puppies, kitties and babies.
      Would he be more enlightened perhaps if he preferred water polo and keeping pet tarantulas? FYI, Don Draper has zero interest in football and would consider a puppy or kitty to be a complete filthy, hairy annoyance.
      As for the article—-A) her side B) she more comes across as inappropriate and unprofessional.
      Chris Evans just seems like a very touchy/feely person who likes to have a good time. Also, as someone who used to frequently relate by being flirtatious as younger person, I think it’s just something attractive people do. Not to mention I can also remember somehow latching on to someone (even platonically) and having this wacky long party weekend, back in the day. And I wasn’t a rich movie star.
      He sounds, at worst, like a very tame version of one of the guys in Entourage. Which again, why is she so judge-y?
      Especially since she’s the one who got passed out wasted and spent the night in the guest room he rather graciously placed her. If anything, Edith’s issues seem more to be over Chris Evans NOT really flirting with her–and she consequently felt strung along a bit. She comes across as, truth be told, rather disappointed that he WAS a perfect gentleman.
      Because just as Chris Evans was high school big man on campus, so is Edith Zimmerman the pretty, but mousy wallflower who liked to read Emily Dickinson. And is bummed that the Home Coming King is still friend zoning her.