Brett Davern Of Awkward Tells Us How An Awkward Football Moment Led Him To His High School Theater Department

This week I got the awesome opportunity to meet with the super talented cast of the hit MTV show Awkward. Just Brett Davern (Jake Rosati), Beau Mirchoff  (Matty McKibben) , Molly Tarlov (Sadie Saxton) and myself hanging around and talking about the second season of the show. Naturally the conversation quickly turned from talking about the show into talking about our own personal awkward moments.

As someone who lives life like it’s some kind of competition to out-awkward everyone around me, I felt like this conversation was right up my alley. My alley, of course, being conveniently located at the corner of “I tripped walking to work today on my own two feet” and “I accidentally sexted my dentist last week.”

While everyone shared awesome stories about their own awkward high school moments, Brett Davern stole the show with his story on how an awkward/painful high school experience led to him getting into theater.

“When I was a freshman, I played one year of football, I played every other sport, but only one year of actual football and I just thought it would be fun to play so I signed up, but I was like less than 5 feet tall and and less than 100 pounds and I was tiny. My mom actually has a photo of me in the huddle not coming up to the guys armpits, like even with the helmet on. There was one of the early school dances of the year and I asked this girl to go and she said yes and I was very excited and happy  and then that same day in practice I was playing defense and this big offensive lineman just pulls around the end and just like blows me up, like so much so that the coaches were like ‘whoa whoa whoa this is getting crazy’ like I was in the air, it was insane, like snot bubbles, that’s when you know you got hit really good and like helmet sideways. You know like, from the movies, really legitimately like that. And I found out after practice of course that he had a big crush on that girl. So I then proceeded to get my butt kicked for however long was remaining in the season and I quit football and found the theater department.

So you see, if he hadn’t had his ass kicked for an entire season, he never would have looked into theater. And then he never would have been cast on Awkward. And therefore I never would have gotten to say that I met him. Everything happens for a reason, and I selfishishly always find a way to connect it all back to me.

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