Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: Maci Crashes Bentley’s Beach Vacation And Butch Is Back!

Was it just me, or did the moms seem especially selfish this week on Teen Mom? 4×04 “Strike Out” had plenty of awkwardness, with Butch pushing himself back into Tyler and Catelynn‘s lives after getting out of prison; similarly, Maci was convinced that she would make Bentley‘s beach vacation with dad Ryan better, and instead she just made everyone uncomfortable, including her kid. I did feel for Amber when her reunion with Gary and Leah wasn’t all she was hoping for, but at least her emotions were genuine, as opposed to Farrah, who was obsessed with dating her older neighbor so that we hardly saw her interact with Sophia. With that in mind, here are this week’s Parenting Lessons!

Teen Mom 4x04 "Strike Out" Maci Ryan Dallas Bentley beach


DO: Put your feelings for your ex aside

I don’t know much about Maci‘s history with Ryan and whether she still has feelings for him, but the way she’s freaking out about his new girlfriend is kind of creepy. His family is convinced that she’s still in love with him, which would be really unfortunate for her current boyfriend Kyle.

DON’T: Confuse your kid

The weirdest part of Maci’s plot this episode was when Ryan invited her down to the beach. I figured that she would join him and new girlfriend Dallas in the water, but one of them decided — or maybe it was mutual — that instead she and her friends were just going to take Bentley away for a little while. The adorable Bentley looked about as confused as I felt, and burst into tears just like I did. Kidding on that last part, but you can tell that he just doesn’t get what’s going on. Why couldn’t they all play together?

The best part was when Maci grudgingly gave Bentley back to Ryan, and later defended herself to her girlfriends: “If i was being selfish, then I would just make him stay.”

DON’T: Be possessive

I know that we women are irrational, especially when it comes to our exes and their new loves, but at one point Maci declares that she hates Dallas—not because she’s a bitch, but because the two of them could actually be friends. Back to that earlier obsession: She keeps telling her girlfriends that Ryan and Dallas shouldn’t take any photos together, because if they did and then broke up it’d be all weird for Bentley to see her in photos. Um, what?

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    • mimz

      Agreed about the dating thing. I was a teen mom, and i was responsible about it. I raised my child and didnt date anyone until my child was four and starting school. Sure i had some nights out but mostly I was a mom. Then I met someone and weve been together 6 years now. IDk how these teen moms always find bfs, or how they have time to have so many different bfs when they have a baby/toddler.

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    • Gale

      I can not believe Maci!!!! She has some major issues!!!! I really liked her until she is regressing to her Jr.. High mentality. I was so NOT impressed with her girlfriend entrorage, if she wanted Ryan so bad she would stalk him on his family vacation she should have worked harder at working things out with him. Please lose the hat too!!

    • katiepoo

      What happened, Maci? You were always the ultra mature teen mom – now you are just a pissed-off middle school mean girl! And Farrah: you had a friend take you out for a simple birthday dinner and you ruined it by acting like you do with your parents – jeepers – lighten up! Get rid of the attitude!