In What Universe Does 11-Year-Old Willow Smith Have To Ask Permission To Pierce Her Tongue?

Willow Smith pierces tongue photo permission against the law California

Blogs are freaking out about eleven-year-old Willow Smith debuting what looks to be a tongue ring in this photo on the Tumblr jadensmithiloveyou. (It probably originated on a friend’s Twitter, but it’s definitely not one of Willow’s twitpics.) Depending on the blog, writers have taken exception with Willow’s young age, calling her troubled, wondering whether her parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith signed off on this piercing, and even pointing out that technically it’s illegal in California for a minor to get a piercing without parental permission.

Except, this is Willow Smith we’re talking about. The preteen who whipped her hair back and forth, then shaved off all that hair just because she could. Who headlines sold-out concerts and is being hailed as a pint-sized fashion icon. It doesn’t matter if her famous parents or California law say that she can’t get a piercing; if she wants one, it’s gonna happen. That’s how fame works. I also don’t understand why so much outrage. Yes, tongue piercings are one of the more daring choices in the piercing arsenal, but is it that much more radical than dyeing your hair and/or shaving it all off?

It’s difficult to envision Willow as an eleven-year-old because she just comes off as so much more mature. If it were my sister or cousin at that age, of course I’d want to yank the piercing out myself. But celebrity kids inhabit a whole different universe. Or maybe this is just a magnetic piercing and Willow’s fucking with all of us.

Photo: jadensmithiloveyou on Tumblr

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    • Maggie

      I think it’s fake. Will & Jada Smith have talked about how strict they are as parents, so I really don’t see a tongue piercing going over well with them.

      Also, can we talk about how much Willow looks like Will Smith?! Like, holy crap.

      • Medusa

        LOL Maggie, she does look exactly like Will in that picture.

        And yeah, I don’t agree with an 11-year old having a piercing… but there is so much worse shit she could be doing and it’s not like she’s being abused or neglected, so… meh.

    • Katia

      So thankful my mom said no to an eyebrow piercing when I was 12. I would have been scarred for life! at least a tongue piercing doesn’t leave a visible scar. So is the scandal about sexuality , infection or sth else?

    • Jess

      I definitely think that it is fake. What would be more fun when you are 11 years-old and the world is so interested in your life than to stoke the fire?

    • tw

      Who is the girl nxt to her