5 Reasons Why You Want To Watch Chris Crocker’s Documentary Me At The Zoo Tonight

3. And yet, he has a fandom. A short trailer on the official movie site shows young girls dressed as Chris in blonde bob wigs, with huge pink lips drawn on their faces, saying how much they love Chris Crocker. He channels this same persona — who might be a commentary on Hollywood starlets who’ve boozed and drugged themselves into early graves — for some of the film. He has a persona! And there are people who slavishly conjure up this persona in tribute.

4. It will help people. HuffPo recently asked Chris if he would have tried to get his videos out there if there had been no internet. He candidly responded, “I honestly think that if the Internet did not exist, I would probably be suicidal. I know that sounds really harsh to say, but I really would.” For all that many people find Chris over-the-top or too calculated, there are teenagers like him who feel similarly misunderstood. His performance art strikes a chord with them.

5. Chris might have a future beyond YouTube and Britney Spears. In the documentary, you discover that the Tennessee-born Chris rose so quickly to Britney’s defense not because he was looking to rack up the pageviews, but because after witnessing his mother’s abusive relationships and his grandmother and great-grandmother’s careers in prostitution, he felt it was his duty to protect yet another Southern mother who couldn’t handle it.

That said, Oscar Raymundo adds that his greatest hope is to see Chris “make an escape and become a ring leader of his own.” We’ll have to watch tonight and see if he gets that chance.

Photo: Me at the Zoo

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