Conspiracy Theory: Paz De La Huerta Favors Her Left Breast Over Her Right One (NSFW)

Paz De La Huerta, “one of the rare artists that are left,” recently posed naked for Terry Richardson. I find the shoot notable not for what she decided to show (as if she’s ever played a character who likes to wear clothes), but for what she seems not to want to show: her right (from her P.O.V.) breast.

Looking through the photos, you’ll see she hides (or at least partially obscures) her right boob in most of them. Or pretty much all of them, if you count “interacting with or otherwise adjusting her breasts” as obscuring. Here she is, obscuring it with a robe:

And here, a record:

Here, a book (notice how she’s lifting her left arm but her right breast is still perkier):

Which reminds me of some other weird boob photos that have been taken of Paz, like this one. What’s up with that?

I’m guessing that Paz once had uneven boobs and she tried to “correct it” with plastic surgery, but she made the mistake of visiting the same hack who did her lips. This left her with one normal-looking boob and one preternaturally perky one, a fact she takes great pains to hide for someone who claims to be so comfortable in her own skin. There’s nothing wrong with having uneven boobs (many women’s are at least a little bit uneven), but I find it at least somewhat ironic that someone whose entire schtick is “I am sexy and confident and everyone who thinks I’m an asshole is just jealous” would go to such lengths to “fix” (and subsequently hide) what her body looks like. I guess we all have insecurities.

(Via Terry’s Diary)

Photo: Terry Richardson

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    • Susannah

      I seem to remember reading somewhere that she has a abnormal amount of scar tissue or something like that under one arm and has to have surgery every few years to have it removed and has some pretty severe scarring from that. Not that that’s something they couldn’t airbrush out of photographs (as if it even needed to be). I’m not a fan of hers and she kind of made me CRAZY in Boardwalk Empire so I’m totally not trying to stick up for her or those creepy Uncle Terry pictures but I do remember reading that someone in the not too distant past.

      • Jamie Peck

        Agh, nevermind! I’m an asshole.

    • Ava

      she has a recurring cystic hygroma on her right side that grows back and needs to be removed again every few years. As of 2010, she has had seven surgeries for it since birth.

    • scallywag

      But that’s just the way our Paz likes it and now she’s no longer a movie star (yes only for the time being) and she had a bit of free time to go out and hang out with Terry Richardson who only lets you walk into the house if you agree to take off all your clothes before you make it past the kitchen. Which is exactly what Paz once again managed to do when she knocked on Terry Richardson’s daughter after another night of sipping and sniffing the good shit.

    • pazfan1

      I love the photos and interview with Paz on Lifestyle Mirror

    • noelani54

      Her right breast looks to me like it might have an implant in it, but her left doesn’t. The left one seems to move more normally, too. That would be horrible to have a recurring cyst that requires repeated surgery, anywhere, but especially somewhere like a breast.