Meet ALL the Lauritas That Aren’t On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

After recently watching Caroline Laurita’s brother Jaime Laurita get married on Real Housewives of New Jersey, we did some thinking about the members of Laurita family who aren’t on the show. Who are they? Where are they? Why don’t they also want to be Bravo stars?

As you should already know, Caroline and Dina Manzo of the Real Housewives of New Jersey are sisters. As you may or may not know, they grew up as Caroline and Dina Laurita. Caroline married Albert Manzo and Dina married Albert’s brother, Tommy Manzo, making Caroline and Dina not only sisters but sisters-in-law as well. Confused yet? We haven’t even gotten started. Caroline and Dina, along with Jacqueline’s hubby Chris, are only three of the ELEVEN Laurita siblings. I give it six months before this reality show is on the air.

Before we get to this epic listing of Laurita siblings though, we need to start at the top. The head honchos of the family, mother Nettie Laurita @NettieLaurita and father Joseph Laurita @LauritaDad.

Yes, these are Twitter active grandparents. Albie and Chris and Lauren and Ashlee and Lexi are pretty lucky…or possibly not, depending on how many inappropriate things they choose to tweet (Likely many. At least for Ashlee.) I thought my grandma was high tech because she has a Droid, texts, and Skypes. Nettie over here has over 7100 tweets!

My favorite?

Joseph Laurita’s latest tweet – apparently he’s not very Twitter-active these days – is too sweet.

Absolutely precious. I hope you don’t think it’s too weird I’ve spent the last two hours stalking your children.

So here we go. In order of the people I have the most information about to the least, because age order would have given me agita.

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    • Diana

      I’d like to say that you have too much time on your hands, but in reality I feel so fulfilled that you took the time to do this research and share it with us.

      • Jenni Maier

        That’s what we’re here to do. All the weird stalkery stuff that no one else wants to openly admit to wanting to do.

      • Kelsey Manning

        Thanks Diana for appreciating my hard-hitting investigative journalism. And if anyone happens to figure out what exactly is going on with Papa Laurita, feel free to clue me in. He seems to have disappeared, but I could find no evidence of his death, and on Father’s Day Dina said she hoped he was having a good day while the other kids didn’t mention him. Hmm….

    • Meghaa

      Im so glad to finally know!! I have been wondering about the rest of the clan.. Really wish they would all come together for a portrait.. Anyway, thanks for your impeccable stalking skills : )

    • Anya

      I am one of ten children, eight girls and two boys. We range in age from 63 to 47. We have NEVER had any type of rift between us or individual siblings amongst us not speaking. We were brought up that all kinds of things happen in life…good and bad, but we will always have each other!! It has been the same with the many grandchildren and also now the great grand children. They get along so well. I cannot imagine a rift of any type between us. It is unfathomable! I feel very sorry for the Lauritas if they are not all speaking or holding grudges, etc. Life is way too short!! Here’s hoping they resolve some of their issues in the near future!! God Bless.

      • Jenni Maier

        Maybe this very stalker-blog will bring them back together as a family. Fingers crossed.

      • Kelsey Manning

        Aww that is so sweet! Sounds like you’re very lucky. Hope things work out as well for the Laurita kiddies

    • Samantha Smith

      Thanks! I was curious to know all the laurita siblings names. Now I do :)

    • angela

      I happen to be friends with Fran and it would be your loss for not wanting to be friends with her…………………she has a bigger heart than everyone of the houswives put together!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JB

        I total agree. You can sense she’s a true sweetheart. he could be Dinas twin..You say you’re friends..Is she married…? lol… see she goes by a different last name, but with this bunch, you never know

    • Pisano

      Two Comments you missed. 1 Tommy is not the father of Dina’s daughter, Tommy Manzo is Albert Manzo’s younger brother whom Dina married, after her divorce. There was a show on Bravo about 6 years ago, showed (My big fat wedding) which you saw before housewives of NJ. this taking place and over the top at the Brownestone. 2. I am waiting for the announcement that Chris Manzothe, youngest son of Caroline is Gay, and they have yet to reveal that Greg (Roomie, who just appreared) is his boyfriend.. Why the delay ?? Is this going to be next years News??We know friends in West New York, NJ, who know them,

      • JB

        Albie is the Gay son…Chris is a horn dog who is always chasing women, appeared twice on Patty Strangers Millionaire Matchmaker and wanting to open the stripper car wash..

    • JB

      Fran and Dina could be twins…They’re gorgeous, but Fran is a quiet animal lover..

    • justabugaboo

      who cares who is gay, who is who and who is fighting with the other…. Italian people are stubborn.. we love, fight, eat and sad to say, hold grudges. A lot of people do these days. Don’t judge until you walk in their shoes. It’s personal and obvious for what reasons they aren’t talking. That’s life. I have seen them both on TV saying they both love each other and one day they will work things out. That is up to them. Not us to judge. I ♥ Francesca !! She has a heart of gold. Especially for animals !

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