In An Alternate Universe, Emma Stone Would Be A Washed-Up Reality Star Right About Now

Emma Stone reality TV star Search for the Next Partridge Family video The Amazing Spider-ManWe pride ourselves on having jumped on the Emma Stone bandwagon early with The House Bunny and Superbad, but it turns out that our latest girl crush has a reality-TV past we didn’t know about! In fact, Emma’s short-lived reality career was a viable path that, if things had turned out differently, might forever have precluded her from playing Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Daily Beast did their research and made sure to ask Emma about how she technically got her start on the 2004 VH1 reality competition The Search for the Next Partridge Family. Emma responded,

“It was totally, 100 percent a reality show. My mom had never pushed me to audition for anything, but she saw a commercial on TV for it and said, ‘You look like Susan Dey a little, and just dyed your hair brown … Why don’t you give this a shot? I have a weird feeling.’ I did it and ended up winning. I don’t regret it for a minute.”

Warming Glow went a step further and actually found a video of Emma and another contestant singing a warbly, off-key rendition of “We Belong.” Sorry to say, but I’m surprised that Emma won considering she didn’t have the strongest voice. (Though you can see that stage presence that translates to adorable interviews.)

Even though Emma won the part of Laurie, the resulting show The New Partridge Family didn’t make it beyond a pilot. It was after that that she got small roles on Lucky Louie and Medium, which then evolved into TV roles. Just imagine if The New Partridge Family (which was a scripted drama) had stayed on the air! We’d always remember Emma as “that kid from that reality show,” just the way that the Glee Project kids will be remembered more as reality-TV contestants than actors doing a guest spot on the show.

You can bet that Emma wouldn’t have gotten the MTV Trailblazer award, because what kinds of trailblazers could she call upon—Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie? Kim Kardashian? Shudder.

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