Beyoncé And Kim Kardashian Are Apparently Friends, Bonded Over Their Ability To Hoodwink The Media

Beyonce Kim Kardashian friends concert Jay-Z Kanye West wtf

There’s so much about this photo I don’t understand. For one, when has Kim Kardashian ever covered her face from a flashing camera lens? But more importantly, why the hell is reality star Kim hanging out with Beyoncé? OK, that can be answered because Kim is fake-dating Kanye West, who was performing with Jay-Z at their Watch the Throne concert in England over the weekend. But why does Bey look like she’s actually enjoying the experience? She’s way too classy to be spending time with any of the Kardashians, least of all the famewhoriest of them all.

I don’t understand how Kim keeps aligning herself with somewhat respectable stars, like in last week’s mind-boggling Oprah interview. At least when it comes to her and Demi Lovato, you figure that Demi is vulnerable post-rehab and not being the most discerning with her role models. But there is no reason that Bey needs to extend the olive branch of friendship to Kim. Photos like this fly directly in the face of our new favorite Tumblr, Jay-Z and Beyonce Worry About Kanye West. Especially with Us Weekly throwing out quotes about how this power couple think that Kim is such a good match for their friend.

Kim Kardashian Beyonce friends wtf Jay-Z Kanye West concert photos

And then it occurred to us: Maybe what bonds these two is the way that both have so handily manipulated the media over the past few years. You know that we at Crushable still believe that Blue Ivy Carter is an elaborate hoax constructed out of fake baby bumps, dolls, and carefully orchestrated paparazzi appearances. So, it makes sense that Beyoncé would be drawn to someone else who has successfully fooled outlets into thinking she’s been engaged multiple times and who created so much buzz about her “romance” with Kanye.

In the second photo, Kim is probably giving her tips on how to keep the Blue Ivy legend alive. Also, I like how they’re tag-teaming it so that each of them gets caught by the camera while the other one hides.

Photos: some fan at the concert, via Dlisted

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