Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice Makes Hilarious Angry Faces

One of my favorite things about reality TV are the overdramatized fights. Many reality stars have gotten in famous battles on their respective shows, but no one knows how to throw a crazy stare like Teresa Giudice. Last week, when suddenly bombarded by a stern Caroline Manzo, Teresa gave us one of the most hilarious facial expressions of the entire series. It was like the Ghost of Christmas Past had just appeared to show Teresa her messed-up childhood.

After this scene,  I began to notice a pattern of just how dramatic and psychotic Teresa’s face can be at times. (Table-flipping incident, anyone?) I decided to do some hardcore research and find some of the best (actually, the worst) photo’s of New Jersey princess, Teresa Giudice.

These range from absolutely psychotic rage to the more mild tanning bed “candid” shot. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did and get a little self-esteem boost at the same time! And I’m sure Teresa will appreciate this post regardless just because it’s about her and she loves herself a lot. Win-win for everyone!

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    • carol p

      Teresa really needs a therapist. She’s nuts.

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    • carol p

      Teresa has to will her brain to science, please. It will tell us how her mind works since I find it bizarre