Octomom Claims Harassment Against Virgin Airlines Crew Members

That old favorite tabloid fodder of ours, Octomom, needs attention for something again today, and I don’t know yet how I feel about it. No, it’s not for her self-pleasure porn ‘Home Alone’. I know exactly how I feel about that, and it’s the opposite of anything pleasant or good in the world. Nope, this time Nadya Suleman is claiming that she was harassed by crew members on her Virgin America flight this past week.

Nadya and her manager (yes, she has a manager) Gina Rodriguez, were on a cross-country flight on their way to promote this groundbreaking film (porn) that this award-winning actress (pornstar mother of fourteen) has coming out, when she says they were bullied by the flight crew. According to Octomom, the harassment took many forms — they were asked to move seats, their beverages were never delivered, and Nadya was kicked out of the bathroom at one point for what she said was no reason. And this wasn’t just random poor treatment from an overworked flight staff…they apparently knew who Octomom and her manager were, and according to them, were specifically targeting her and laughing at her frustration.When she confronted the flight attendants about their bad behavior, one of them apparently snapped, “I know who you guys are!’ I hope this story isn’t true, not because I’m such a huge Nadya Suleman fan, but just because I want the negative things to happen to her to be of her own creation, not others’, so she can lay off this victim complex she’s got going and just focus on her FOURTEEN CHILDREN. And, you know, stop doing porn and pull her life together.

So while it’s not my favorite thing to give Octomom the benefit of the doubt, without Virgin America coming out with a statement that she was trying to manually stimulate the plane in its erotic zones or brandishing a breast pump as a weapon, I really have no other choice.

(Image: nydailynews.com)

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