Did Harry Styles Have An Affair With A Married 32-Year Old?

The Sun is reporting that Harry Styles, the then 17-year old member of One Direction, had an affair with a 32-year old married DJ named Lucy Horobin, making her fourteen years older than him. Whether or not the story is true, Harry met Lucy when he and the band came on her radio show, Key 103 in Manchester, England. Supposedly the affair began in August of 2011, and continued for the next three months before he moved on to yet another 32-year old cougar, Caroline Flack. It’s scandalous enough just because of the age gap — what does a 32-year old woman want with a 17-year old kid? — but Lucy was also married at the time. And still is, so who knows what to think about that.

According to reports, neither Harry nor Lucy wanted anything except for fun out of the relationship, so it was never intended to be anything serious, but a friend of Lucy’s did apparently tell some news outlets that she had heard that ‘the sex was amazing’. No offense to 17-year olds, but I highly doubt that. That’s the comment that makes me doubt this story the most. In my experience, 17-year old guys barely have anything to offer conversationally…let’s not pretend like they’ve all of a sudden got it going on sexually. Especially by the standards of a 32-year old.

As for her marriage, Lucy had been married for less than a year at the time, but for whatever reason, she and her husband were said to have been ‘virtually leading separate lives’. According to The Sun, Lucy decided to tell her husband about the affair in hopes of making the marriage work after she came clean, and there are no public indications that her marriage is faltering at all, except for a sad-face that she posted on her Twitter this morning.

Sigh. What is this world coming to when women are dating men fourteen years their junior and their only response to the story surfacing is a sad-face on a social networking site? For me to be in this same situation, I’d have to be dating a 10-year old. Someone born in the year 2002. Someone like Prince Michael II. No joke, he’s the only celebrity I could find who fits that criteria.

Get your dancing shoes on tonight, Prince Michael. We’re going out on the town…to the Central Park petting zoo.

(Image: uk.omg.yahoo.com)

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    • Emily Pope

      Harry is not alone! I run Undercover Lovers, a dating website for married people seeking secret affairs and we have noticed an increased trend recently of younger single men joining the site in search of older married women.

    • Allison

      this is just like that bieber story when a girl said that bieber was the father of her child, but months later she backed out, so soon this story will be proven to be fake.
      i dont know harry styles personally, but i know he wouldnt do a thing like this

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