Video: Rashida Jones’ Writing Debut Celeste And Jesse Forever Looks Like It’s Going To Make Me Cry Forever

The trailer for Rashida Jones‘ screenwriting debut Celeste and Jesse Forever came out today, and it looks like it’s going to make me cry the most.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Much like 2009′s Breaking Upwards, the film chronicles the story of a man (Andy Samberg) and a woman (Jones) who draw out their break-up (or in this case, their divorce) for a painfully long time by remaining close friends with one another. It’s promisingly peppered with Jones’ understated wit, which is oft overshadowed by her wackier co-stars on Parks and Recreation. And speaking of co-stars, it’s got Elijah Wood as Jones’ therapist(!) and the ever-confusing Emma Roberts as her friend (who maybe has a crush on her?), both of whom I trust will bring the comic relief.

As a huge fan of Jones’ acting work and persona, I want very badly for this film to be good enough to have come from the smart, warm, and hilarious person she is on our imaginary friend dates. (Aubrey Plaza and Amy Poehler are there too, ‘natch.) And from the looks of it, it might yet live up to the absurdly high standard I have set for it. Will it have an unrealistic Hollywood ending where the two main characters end up together? Will it contain some cheesy rom-com tropes? Will it feel just a little too life-affirming at the end? Who cares if it makes us laugh and cry and fall in love with being human all over again?

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