Ask A Naked Guy: Should A Girl Make The First Move?

Gurl‘s new video series “Ask A Naked Guy” is pretty much exactly that: Two girls asking one naked guy your burning sex, love, and relationship questions. No misnomer here. The first installment stars Dr. Coolsex‘s Naked Greg, as he tackles all the questions you could possibly have about girls making the first move…or not.

Despite clutching a plush unicorn over his privates, Naked Greg is pretty game to give his advice on whether girls should stick their tongue down a guy’s throat (boo) or make the first move in bed (yay). We don’t blame him for being nervous! It’s pretty bold to agree to answer girly love and sex questions on-camera and in the buff. I’m majorly down with Greg’s thoughts on the whole girl-making-the-first-move thing: PRO. In my experience it seems like dudes are, too.

To pounce or not to pounce? Check out this vid for the naked truth. Giggles.

(Photo: DFTM)

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