One Direction’s Zayn Malik Accused Of ‘Pimping Islam’ To Young Fans

One Direction‘s Zayn Malik—or, as my friend once called him after hitting a gravity bong, “Indian Vanilla Ice“*–has been accused by anti-Islam blogger Debbie Schlussel of “pimping Islam” to his young fans. That’s right, kids: his nice face and sweet voice are but a ploy by radical Islamists to enlist your kids in their jihadist suicide missions!

Writes Schlussel in a post titled “Boy Band Jihad”:

Even if you’ve heard of the band, you probably don’t know that one of its members, Zayn Malik, is pimping Islam on your kids. That’s in addition to his Arabic tattoos and frequent donning of the keffiyeh, the official garb of Islamic terrorism. Malik, a devout British Muslim whose family is from Pakistan, has used social media to proselytize Islam to his primarily female fans around the world. He not only tweeted about fasting for Ramadan, but told fans that allah is the only god and that only Mohammed is G-d’s true prophet.

Let’s indulge this idiot for a second.

1.) Gettiing tattoos in a cool looking language that happens to be part of your cultural heritage is hardly “boy band jihad.”

2.) Every hip kid from Brooklyn to London has one of those scarves.

3.) What’s wrong with telling people that you’re a Muslim? You’re allowed to tell people your dumb beliefs, Debbie Schlussel. It’s a free society!

4.) Is it really possible to use teenage lust to convert young girls to Islamic fundamentalism? Something tells me this might not work very well.

Fortunately, Malik’s legions of fans are already ganging up on Schlussel on twitter with impassioned defenses of their teen idol. They might not be the cartoon jihadists she fears, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing for this site, One Direction fans can be just as vicious. Don’t start any holy wars you can’t win, dummy.

(Via The Daily Mirror)


*Actually, Malik is half English, half Pakistani. I’d feel somewhat irresponsible if I didn’t note that!

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    • etypical

      Zayn means “dick” in Hebrew, religion pimping might not be his biggest issue.

    • The Jews suck. End of story.

      LOL I see some zionist fag is a little upset. I guess if my nose was bigger than my dick, I’d be upset too

    • 117yht7

      good for him, i respect it from him, all muslims are bad?they suicde?look”illumanti fan” that what they want you to believe dumbass,we are very peacefull people with respect and honor,they are the ones who will destory our world…..

    • Claire

      Why can’t we just all leave our band boys alone! I want him to pimp out me…yeah I went there

      • Cori

        You do realize that if he were to “Pimp out” you, he’d be giving you to other people to use. No guarantee he’d have any kind of sexual anything with you himself. I think what you’re meaning is “If I had to be pimped out, I’d want him to be my John.”

    • i’m obviously correct.

      LMFAO, does she not realize that Zayn’s the most Westernized Muslim alive? Tattooes, drinking, sex before marriage, ear piercings are all against the Islamic faith. I honestly assumed he was a Christian because he didn’t behave like a typical Muslim at all. I can honestly say he’s probably one of (if not the) the least devout Muslim alive, and this woman’s going to victimize him over his faith anyways? If a Christian can sell their faith, so can a Muslim; the only thing is that Zayn’s not doing that. He’s being himself, and if you’re against a particular religion and victimizing everyone in that faith because of it, then you’re an ignorant, hateful person.

      Besides, who cares about what he may or may not practice? At the end of the day, that doesn’t affect his work ethic, and whatever he does with his life will affect him and whoever he chooses to surround himself with. We’ll see who’s right or wrong during our judgement days.

      I honestly cried of laughter when I heard about this.

    • Niah Jewels

      Seriously? Zayn is not a idiot! Let him do whatever he wants. If his parents are okay with it then it’s not u f’in problem

    • Aishah

      Eat your hearts out. Zayn :زينArabic (m)Means “beauty, grace” in Arabic.