Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: Oh, The Places You’ll Go! (With Cameras Following Your Every Move)

Teen Mom 4x03 "The Places You'll Go" Amber Gary Shawn Leah case worker rehab controlling


DO: Visit

Props to Gary for trying to arrange a visit for him and Leah to see Amber within the next two weeks. She whines about why can’t they come this weekend, but he has to get permission from the courts for Leah to see her mother, so it’s an involved process.

DON’T: Lash out at your support system

To be fair, all I really know of the Amber/Gary drama is her beating him up because of her rage issues. So I was thrown when, after seeing them trade “I love yous” in the prior scene, Amber is suddenly telling her case worker, “Gary has been more hurtful to me than the rest of my family.” When did this happen?

DO: Listen to your family… up to a point

Amber and her case worker call up her brother Shawn to help her recall traumatic experiences she might have repressed, as well as to ask his insights on what she should do about Gary and Leah. Shawn very candidly says that he doesn’t think any amount of “help” will mend her relationship and that he thinks Gary has kept Amber from reaching her full potential. He goes on and on about Gary being all controlling, and yet you have to wonder if maybe Amber needs someone to control her. Seeing as, you know, she’s been in rehab for a month and has to get permission from a judge to spend time with her daughter.

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