In Case You Forgot How Young The Boys Of One Direction Are, Harry Styles’ Stupid Tattoo Should Remind You

Our fave boy toys from One Direction stopped by famous tattoo artist Kat Von D’s place in L.A and helped themselves to some ink. While I’ll excuse Zayn Malik’s microphone for now, I can’t do the same for Harry Styles.

Harry, baby doll, apple of my eye, what were you thinking when you chose that star and the Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition” lyric, “won’t stop till we surrender.” I know you think it’s super deep right now, but it’s not. I just know too many people saving up to get their “you don’t understand anything, this song means everything to me” lyrics lasered off.

Perhaps you should go with one of your own songs next time. Those lyrics will always mean something. Even when you’re starring on HGTV shows for washed-up celebrities like Vanilla Ice in your forties. You’ll always be able to look at those lyrics and remember you used to be someone. Someone who girls went absolutely wild for and bloggers in their twenties eagerly wrote about each day.

Oh teenagers and their silly tattoos. So full of meaning and wisdom. For a few years. Then full of stupidty and regret a few years later. Isn’t that what it means to be a teenager in this wonderful country. You get a tattoo that you know will give you meaning for the rest of your life only to discover that a  shooting star that’s coming out of your ex-boyfriend’s mouth actually depresses you every time you see yourself naked.

Oh, to be young and stupid again! What an unappreciated time in our lives. A time when I would have proudly waltzed into high school with Harry Styles tattooed on my cheek.

Let’s all go back to high school right now! Anyone?

(Photos: ONTD)

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    • Vanessa Vieira

      he already had the star. i guess stars are cool when you’re 16 and lyrics are the thing to get when you’re 18. but why Harry, why? why did you ruin your precious body? i’m so disappointed i no longer have him as my desktop background.

      • Sharaiah

        We all have our body’s we can do what we would like to do!!! So what if harry and Zayn get a tattoo or two it doesn’t change there personality’s there still they are the same person before they all got famous.

        I guess what I’m saying never judge 1D the are just like you just that they are famous

    • Chaney

      I’m sure, even if it means nothing to a lot of people, it meant enough to him to get it tattooed. Besides, it’s his body. We don’t have to agree with what he does but we should have enough respect to let him live his life just like any normal person.

    • Ruby

      Who cares? Its his body let him do what he wants and its not like he got it tattooed on his face. Its under/on the side of his arm so it can be hidden most of the time and Harry isn’t stupid.

    • Amy

      Who are you to judge people? Its the 21st century! Im not saying its god to get body art done, but if Harry was like any normal person, would there be anyone judging him and stopping him from getting tattooed? No, so just let him be that normal person.

    • Bianca Gonzalez

      they are people too and they have the right to express their style as does everyone else on this planet. so stop judging them. theres a difference between facts and opinion.

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    • Marie

      I want to say that I agre with everyone of you. He is a normal guy. If he wants to show his love for something, he is allowed. Treat him like a normal guy.

    • Nicola-T

      I don’t mind tattoos at all and whatever anyone wants is find by me… but… ’till is not a word, it’s ’til or till, and if he is indeed referring to Sweet Disposition, the lyric is “won’t stop to surrender”, but perhaps he’s just adapted it to his own meaning.

      • Nicola-T

        whoops on the typo ;-) I meant “fine by me” – rest assured I would have proofread the comment if I was getting it tattooed on me!

    • Micki

      “In Case You Forgot How Young The Boys Of One Direction Are, Harry Styles’ Stupid Tattoo Should Remind You.”
      Okay, honestly grow up. They are young, so? That doesn’t give you any right to say the boys or their tattoos are dumb. Its their choice. and if your changing your backgrounds from Harry or Zayn to something else you obviously aren’t a true Directioner.

    • Hilary

      But… mind your own business, get a life! Stop judge, this article its so stupid. And so you are. “You don’t know me” OH, AND DO YOU KNOW HARRY?!

    • N

      Actually the star is a universal symbol of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Rights. I’m not implying anything about Harry’s sexuality, simply that he supports the LGBT community as evidenced by his “Love is Love” t-shirt, his many gay friends, and his time spent partying it up at certain well known GAY clubs in London. That is something very important to him.

    • lop

      Author is right. I got STUPID tattoos when I was 18-19, now I’m 32 & saving to get them lasered off. Thank God they’re small. He’s young & he will probably regret every single one.

    • Justina

      Lol people take everything too serious these days….i read through all of these comments and some of you took it to the heart like the article was about you…..i just think its funny

    • johnny 28

      1 direction are just young little boys who have no idea what living in the real world the tattoo look like borstal 1s from the 70s who were done from very bad experience thay had.these kids have been lucky in life and have had no hardship at all and are trying to pretend thay have very sad but again thay very silly little boys with no life skills and 1 thing thay can’t buy is that so their trying to look like that with borstal tattoo.

    • Justice Dizney

      It might mean nothing to you but maybe to him it’s means something. Zayn’s tattoo of the microphone means something.

    • syd

      harrys tattoo is not stupid its haters

      harry is talented and if you read this harry styles dont listen to them there jelous i cry reading hater comments they are stupid they are haters they should just hate themselves you are a great talented boy with a great voice

    • Majo

      esto es absolutamente ridículo.. esta publicación es solo una mala critica a una deicion de un tatuaje que puede que significara mucho para el… es realmente triste ver como las personas que hacen esta tipo de estúpidas publicaciones lo único que quieren es intentar agredir a los famosos… claro esta con la suficiente sutileza para que las fanbase no se les vengan encima y hagan ******* sus inmaduros comentarios. que falta de pantalones y de dignidad

    • Marion

      You don’t know what the lyrics mean to him so shut the fuck up

    • No

      Ur probably ugly


      Leave him alone.THT tattoo/saying might an a lot to him in a different way,not because he thinks everyone likes THT saying.come on,can he not have his own opinion!!!!!
      I love Harry styles and I’m not just sticking up for him because of THT,it’s like saying if you had a tattoo saying a comment THT meant something to you,we wouldn’t say oh why have you got THT it is so out of fashion cause he probably didn’t get it for THT,he got it for a reason.