Scariest Rumor Of All Time: Chris Brown Could Be A Father

Yes. You read that title right. Karrueche Tran might be pregnant and Chris Brown might be the father. Commence the panic attack.

Never in the history of horrible celebrity rumors have I ever felt this compelled to call 911 on myself. I think my heart just attacked my own body and you should expect your heart to do the same. Because the story I’m about to tell you is scarier than anything you ever saw on an old Unsolved Mysteries marathon that you watched when you were home sick in the 6th grade.

A photo on Media Takeout shows supposed proof that Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s girlfriend, is pregnant. According to their non-doctor analysis, the super skinny girl has a tummy bulge that skinny girls only get when they’re pregnant. While I don’t think that’s true, in any medical way shape or form, it’s still absoultely horrifying to think about.

Apparently this rumors been circulating for a few weeks and people are saying this is the definitive proof needed to show that she’s carrying Chris Brown’s child.

There’s no need for me to go into detail as to why notorious temper-loser and woman-beater Chris Brown’s unfit to be a father. I think we all know that his horrendous choices, proclivity to get into fights and inability to control himself even when he’s on camera would make him a terrible father.

The thought of him bringing another woman-beater into the world, or even worse, a woman who believes it’s okay to get beaten scares me.

So for the sake of humanity and his non-existant (and hopefully never existant) unborn children, let’s hope this is a just a sick rumor.

Also, Karrueche Tan, what are you doing with him!?

(Lead Photo: THG)

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    • tay

      You need to sit your self-righteous butt down.You do a whole article based on a rumor about a guy you clearly have no interest or liking for.You seem like you have a problem yourself

      • Meredith

        But do you think he’d be a good father and role model for children based on recent behavior. LIke his bar fight with Drake.

    • Yolanda

      If you read the reports it said Chris Brown did NOT fight. He just got hit. Secondly, im no Chris Brown fan, but if Rihanna being the victim has forgiven him then the media needs to stop writing about him being a “woman abuser”. I don’t see you all bringing up Britney spears melt down or drug habut or the fact she endangered her children. y’all don’t mention charlie sheen. I’m really over stupid, judmental articles like this. I need 60 seconds of my life back that I read this

    • merideth

      i really think that he will not be a good father personally who cares what anybodys says about him he needs to make better choices with his life and he needs a little while to calm himself down before a child comes into position

    • Haterzz


    • James

      Ew. Shut up. This article is so stupid. Have you ever met Chris Brown

    • Victoria

      I think it was mean to say “bring a little woman beater” or “woman that thinks it’s okay to be beaten” how rude. wtf do u get off with this bull shit… and as for this picture of Kae on her back in a fucking swimming pool, making her possibly pregnant…. seriously this article is such trashy writing it’s ridiculous. G.A.L

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    • Ash ash ash

      This article is ridiculous and whoever wrote it should be punched in the face, not because K might be pregnant but the way you have made Chris Brown out to be the most horrible person in the world. You’ve taken time out of your day to write about someone you obviously hate like don’t you have better things to do? he may not be the best role model but shooting people down in public the way you just have doesn’t make you the best role model either.

    • allure searles

      Well I’m not sure if karrueche is even pregnant or not but if she is than I hope that everything goes well with her and Chris so far I looked at the picture of kae and it looks like she might have gained some weight or she could be pregnant but knot karrueche tran knows so I wish kae all the best for her and Chris.

    • Fuzzy duck

      Wow! Talk about racism and ignorance. I cannot believe this world has come to so much hate. I hope these to have a fabulous life together. Why can’t you write something positive. Tran looks great.

    • Audrey

      I love the difference between the commenting on this site and The Gloss. Seems like some people need to grow up.

    • kaelyn

      i think i would be so nice if they both had a baby boy together and they belong to eachotherand i think chris finally found his match

    • Anggelinuhh

      That REALLY Is Fucked Uppppp ! You Don’t Even Know Chris !! You Talk ALL This Shit … Yeah Sure He Beat A Girl He Made A Mistake But Rihanna Forgave Him , Didnt She ? But Hey If He Is Gonna Be A Father GOOD FOR HIM ! (:

    • Blue

      Your daddy should have worn a rubber. Real talk.