Sex On The Wire:‘I See You’, Probably Isn’t A Good Text To Send Your Lastest Crush When You Aren’t With Them

• “That’s what I love about high school girls, man. I keep getting older, they stay the same age”, that and other quotes we love from Romantic Comedies (Your Tango)

• Wait, so I can’t tell a guy I’m hitting the hay instead of saying I’m going to bed? Read these texting rules and don’t be a creep like me. (College Candy)

• Hey guess what, you suck at relationships! Well, you probably do… (The College Crush)

•Ladies, if he comes over after 2am, drunk, you’re his booty-call. No exceptions. (Betty Confidential)

• No, jumping up and down immediately after sex does not prevent pregnancy.  Read for more dumb sex myths.  (The Frisky)

• Not turned on by your BF sending you pictures of his nether regions? Well, he must not be Michael Fassbender. (Gurl)

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