Sexpert Optimist Emily Morse Tells Us That Miss Advised Can Only Help Her Dating Life

Bravo’s new reality show Miss Advised premieres tonight and we’re lucky enough to have not only watched a sneak peak of the show, but also to have spoken to Emily Morse, one of the show’s three leading ladies. She’s joined on the new show by two other relationship experts,  blogger Julia Allison and matchmaker Amy Laurent. 

The show’s big twist? They’re all single! Yep, that’s right. The three women make money by telling others how to find and maintain healthy relationships, but fail to take their own advice. Do you get the title now? I hope so. It’s not that tricky.

As someone who writes about celebrities for a living, but fails to be a celebrity, I completely understand their dilemma. It’s much easier to talk about something, then it is to do something. If I took all my own advice (and got pregnant while filming a sex tape full of ’90s nostalgia), I would be the most famous person in the entire world. But alas, I find myself too busy to actually get famous. In this day and age of TV marathons, it’s practically impossible to get off the couch and actually do something. Like get famous. Or take out the trash. I find both equally time consuming and energy draining.

So I interviewed Emily Morse with this in mind. I wanted to know what it’s like to preach “do as I say, not as a I do” on a reality show. (Because that’s a typical sermon from the church I attend every week. Online. In an AOL chatroom. Feel free to join anytime, all are welcome. Even Tim Allen. And he was in The Shaggy Dog.)

Turns out she didn’t spend all her days and nights emailing Bravo and trying to convince them to build a show focused on her life. Nope. They reached out to her and asked her if she’d be interested. And as a sex advice philanthropist, she naturally said yes.

They actually found me. I’ve been doing it for 7 years and  they approached me about being a part of the show. I was all for it. You know, my whole goal in life is that people have better sex. If i can help people improve their sex lives, I’m happy.  I hadn’t done TV yet, so I figured let’s do it.

And with that gung ho attitude she signed her life and rights (and allegedly her first born child) over to Bravo so they could start filming the show. While I would be worried that putting myself on TV would kill all my possible dating prospects, Emily’s feeling great about her decision. In fact, she thinks it can only help her.

I only think in the positive, so I think for the better. I feel like, I’m really myself, I didn’t hold back. The show portrays me as I am, so  if someone sees the show and they still want to date me, it’s good.

And that’s her dating philosophy in general. She puts herself out there and hopes that guys won’t be too intimidated about what she does for a living. Of course they’re interested in her job, she is a sexpert, but if they’re the right guy, they’re also interested in other aspects of her life.

So how does she know if she’s on a date with the right guy? She’s not exactly sure. All she knows is that it takes a very confident guy to ask her out — and want to keep her out. Someone like Gaston. He’s a confident guy who’s never ashamed to admit what he’s thinking or how many eggs he’s eating. If he wasn’t a fictional cartoon from a provincial town, I would totally set them up.

I think its challenging because when you meet a guy, you never know what he’s thinking. They think I’m prostitute when I hand them my business card. They probably have preconceved notions that I’m easy or swinging from rafters or know more than I do. Sex can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. It takes a very confident man to date me.

While I debated between making my last question a personal sex advice question or a professional question, I downloaded Kegel Camp, her iPhone app that reminds people to do their kegels. Personally it just makes me hungry for kugel. But that’s because I read fast and miss key vowels. Like the “e” in kegel.

Once that fully loaded, I opted for the profesh question. The one that would finally make the Pulitzer people pay attention to me and email me printable awards. I asked Emily what makes her a sexpert and why anyone should trust her opinion on relationship issues if she’s single.

Her response won me over.

You know what, I don’t think it matters if I’m in a relationship or out of them. I’ve been doing this for 7 years, I’ve recieved tens of thousands of emails from listeners who tell me I helped, and I’m getting  a doctorate in human sexuality.

“A doctorate in human sexuality?” I repeated back to her, “you should definitely lead with that in all your interviews where they’re bound to ask this question.” That’s actually impressive and that actually makes me believe she’s qualified to be walking around with sexpert status.

Whether she’ll meet her Gaston is up for debate. I guess we’ll have to watch tonight at 10 PM to find out if she even has a chance.

(Photo: Yahoo)

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